How would you feel about this situation?

I made a dating account a couple of months ago just out of boredom. I ended up matching with this guy, and we were dating for some time virtually. Out of nowhere, he ghosted me and he eventually told me that he couldn’t handle the distance anymore and left. A couple of days ago though, he sent me message with pictures of his face. I said “excuse me?” since I was confused and he said “oh dear god” like I’m crazy and told me he sent it to me by accident. I just said okay and we left it as that but was he trying to do that to get my attention indirectly? Or does he genuinely think I was the weird one in the relationship when I didn’t do anything wrong?
Trying to get attention
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He thinks you’re weird/crazy
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He’s trying to make himself feel better about it all
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How would you feel about this situation?
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