Do you think this guy likes me and how should I tell him that I like him too?


This is about my guitar teacher who is 34yrs old and I am 39. We've known each other for 10 months now but the lessons are carried out every 2-3 weeks, so we have met only 15 times. At first this guy was very communicative and friendly with me, he made me feel comfortable during the lessons and showed great interest as a teacher. But after few lessons he became nervous and edgy, constantly bouncing his leg up and down, avoiding eye contact, blushing and saying things like "is it too hot in here or it's just my idea?". He would misunderstand my questions thinking that I was accusing him for his inability to teach and he was also clumsy. For example he would take my hand and scratch it over the fretboard when showing me hand positions or playing techniques.

One day I talked to him and asked if I was such a bad pupil that I was getting on his nerves (or something like that). He answered negatively and from then on we communicate much better, he is calm and friendly towards me, we have normal eye contact and he is very cautious when touching my hand to place it on the guitar. Recently we had both opened up about a common problem that we have in our lives and I saw what a great character he has. From then on he often teases me by mimicking my voice, he always welcomes me with a smile and his all behavior shows me that he cares about me. For example, he answers to all my texts, he gives me advice to personal matters, he will say to me things like "let me help you", "do you want me to hold your hand so you won't fall?", "Here, let me see on Google map which is the better way to go where you want. Take care and be safe!". He has mentioned three times that he is single or that he had a few girlfirends during the past years who hurt him.

I want to tell him that I like him, but I am not sure he likes me too, because a mutual friend told me that he is just like that to everyone.

Do you think he might like me or he is just being nice with me? How should I approach him?

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So, yesterday I learned with the hard way if my crush likes me back: I went to his concert and while we were talking a "sex bomb" appeared and they started kissing passionately with each other... After that our mutual friend told me that all his friends disapproved of this new girlfriend, because she was looking and behaving like "trush", "like all the other girlfriends he had after his serious relationship ended". She told me "he is a nice guy but women manipulate him".
Any opinions?
Do you think this guy likes me and how should I tell him that I like him too?
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