I asked him how he was doing and he dropped his stress on me?


I sent him a message asking how he was doing. He responded, "Hey! Not doing great if I'm being honest."

He started telling me that his job is really stressful and he's just tired all the time. It's really just stressing him out. A friend of mine said that even though we haven't spoken in awhile, he must really trust me if he laid it all out on me like that. Another friend said that he was rude to do that and is just using me.

I would agree with my second friend, however, my crush did ask a lot about me as well and was clearly interested in my life (questions, jokes, etc). We weren't just talking about him.

The last time we spoke was over the summer. He had just graduated and started his new job. We didn't talk a whole lot then and the conversation wasn't as deep as this one got. I don't know, I feel like maybe he was under a lot of stress and since I asked how he was, he let me know lol.

Coming here for other opinions :)

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Sorry if my post came off as harsh (I am realizing this now), but I am glad my friend told me about his stress. It seemed like he was going through a rough time and since I reached out, he just let it all out. I totally disagree with my second friend, and am 50/50 with the first. Overall, I'm honestly just glad to know that he can open up to be about big or little things. I don't think he was using me. I think I just needed to hear that from other people.
I asked him how he was doing and he dropped his stress on me?
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