He joked about having an open relationship?

Okay... I'm having a situationship with my coworker.

He has narcissistic traits... and is sort of manipulating me. I know that you are going to ask me "what are you doing with him?" I don't know either.

Anyway... the thing is... I know he ain't a complete monster and is a genuine person at heart. Sometimes I'm the problem and I irritate him with questions and my behavior is awful at times too. So we are pretty toxic, both of us. And I love him, I don't just go away when it gets harsh.

The issue is... I see him twice a week. Sometimes I would message him, he won't respond... so I start suggesting that he is ignoring me on purpose. I asked him if that's the case... he said "focus on your tasks"... and won't answer me. Yesterday he showed me pics of some chicks , who sent him friend requests on Facebook. And he commented on their appearance. I asked him..."why do you care, would you text them if they were prettier". He laughed and said "yes". And I got angry... told him "oh... you toyed with me, now it's their turn, right?"

He just looked at me, saying "are you imagining things, I'm not playing with people"... and continued looking at his phone. I got extremely frustrated and started asking him "then what sre you doing with me, you're just messing around ". And he said "I'm not going to respond". I told him "my head is a mess", he replied "you are doing it yourself".

Am I too much for wanting to know exactly what we are? He doesn't like serious talk. I'm extremely angry when he doesn't respond.

Later that day... I asked him again..."wi a get a respond?". He said "when I determine.."

And a few minutes later he suggested laughingly that we are in a open relationship. And I looked at him saying "so you are going it to meet others?" He replied "I meet with my male friends you know..." and cracked up. I showed him a middle finger and he said "you have no other choice, but to accept that" and also laughed.

I feel like I'm a joke.

He joked about having an open relationship?
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