Should I let this play out or keep saying something?

My friend is 10yrs older than a guy she just started seeing. She's 30. It's like her maturity has gone out the window. Making jokes that aren't funny and whenever she gets a message her boyfriend wants to respond to it.

A guy I worked with in the past got arrested and people I worked with were sending me his mugshot cause I wasn't sure who it was when I heard the name. Then I went down the rabbit hole of recent mugshots (people i went to school with get arrested a lot) and I saw the guy my friend is seeing. From what I saw he was arrested once for assault and driving intoxicated, and another for just driving intoxicated.

Seeing assault made me anxious for her so I did bring it up. I don't know the circumstances so it could be nothing to worry about. She asked him and he just said he was intoxicated he never cleared up any info about assault.

I met up with her again and she tells me a girl was trying to send him nudes because she found out they were seeing each other and is trying to get him back. He responded to the girl by sending her pictures of him and my friend. I told her in my experience thats probably not the only person he is getting nudes from and her response was "he wouldn't have time for that". Uhhhh he is on probation and his license is suspended and he is jobless soooo he has plenty of time.

I don't know that seems sketchy. Wouldn't you just block the person if they were harassing you with nudes? I looked up his name in Google cause something isn't sitting right with me. Apparently he got arrested for stalking a few years ago. Now I'm extra paranoid and I don't trust this guy. My friend just started seeing him this year.

I've already brought up his arrests once to her. Maybe he has already explained the stalking thing away and I don't need to worry.

I know she won't listen to me at this point. I could just let this play out? But what if he actually hurts her?

Would I be a piece of shit if I don't say anything?😬

Should I let this play out or keep saying something?
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