Why do some men expect it both ways?

That a woman has to be a virgin, who is beautiful, smart, funny and innocent, but not too innocent? (Lacks emotional innocence). Then, if the man meets a young virgin who fits the description of being innocent, but lacks beauty and or intelligence or humour and presents as overeager, they’re likely to decide she’s probably not their type, even though all these other things can be improved with time and more life experience on the virgin’s part? I’ve noticed this with two of my guy friends, being uninterested initially in a perfectly nice, innocent woman and I’ve tried to explain to them that the women who may seem exciting and confident have had more experience, but a virgin can be just as cool as an experienced woman and won’t remain innocent forever. Unless she wants to, which most people don’t.

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Note, I’m saying some men. They seem to expect everything from women. I’m not implying that virgins are boring or that experienced women are better. I know virgins and non virgins and I think there’s nothing wrong with the decision to lose one’s virginity, just as there’s nothing wrong with staying a virgin.
Why do some men expect it both ways?
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