5 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year

I wanted to see if I could come up with any decent ways to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving. If you have your own unique traditions for the holiday, feel free to share them. I know not everyone celebrates the holiday so that's fine too if you don't.

5 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year

1. Thanksgiving themed party

There's a few themes that could go with such a party. It can be a autumn based party which doesn't necessarily focus on the turkey or the holiday itself- Gold, white, orange, red are some colors you can mix and match. A Cornucopia of Blessings can be added and so can pumpkins and turkeys so it fits the theme better.

Some ideas for games can be a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt, Thanksgiving-themed Family Feud, or a board game (don't curse your family with Monopoly please. It's too early, leave it for Christmas). Creating or playing a Gratitude game could also be fun.

2. An Alternative, Eat a traditional Thanksgiving meal

In case you don't like parties or simply can't have one, you can share a meal instead.

Yes, there are always the traditional meals and here's a few cheap and easy recipes you can check out if you want:

Yes, I know there's old people one this site too so if you want a drink, sparkling seltzer drinksand some sangria are also an option.

5 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year

3. Practicing Gratitude (as a mini game)

I found a few ways to do this but there's more ideas you can come up with if you like.

One of the ways is by creating a Thankfulness tree. Using brown cardboard, brown construction paper, or any material similar, you can create the trunk and branches of the tree. With papers and markers (or pencils), you can construct the leaves and write down things you are thankful for this year.

If you don't have so much paper to spear but you have paint and can draw, Gratitude turkey game is another option. Using your art skills or your hand, you can paint a turkey and write messages on gratitude on each feather.

If neither option sounds good, you can use a jar to place your messages of gratitude too. The Jar of gratitude can also be used all year long if you want.

4. Go on a Trip

This doesn't necessarily mean pack your bags and travel across the globe. If you're lucky, you could find an event happening near you that won't be an inconvenience to go to. If there's a certain place that you want to travel to and are able to go today, that's also an option, even if the holiday isn't celebrated in your area. At the very basic, if your area experiences the autumn weather, why not go to the park with some friends or family?

5. Helping others have a Thanksgiving

Lastly, volunteering and donating items this year is another way to celebrate the holiday. This may not be an option for everyone since it is more time consuming and for people who don't usually celebrate the holiday (or live in areas that don't), this is a harder option.

The organizations or events don't really need to be Thanksgiving based for it to be a Thanksgiving tradition. Volunteering at a food bank or donating clothes is still something. 2022 has not been and will not be the best year for many people, regardless of where you are, but I hope you spend it well. Happy Thanksgiving, have an amazing day today (Even if you don't celebrate it).

Happy Holidays~
Happy Holidays~
5 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year
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