I won the race from racism

My take on racism (personal edition)

You might hear a lot of stories about racism where the people's chauvinism lead to mortification of an individual. This is no different. In fact, you might find it a bit lukewarm because it doesn't contain violence or segregation of a family or a group, but being a schlemiel, I know how it devastated my cognitive state. So, I felt like sharing, how I faced that social anxiety because of that vehement sadism of the people around me and it may help to realise the real worth of oneself to the people who are facing or faced such catastrophic incidents.

I won the race from racism.

I was sad because I am different :(

In the year 1995, I was born in an N-Indian family, as still as a mouse, the very next moment, got slapped by the nurse, to make me realise, the subsequent ventures. I had the same two eyes, the same two ears, the same two hands, legs, the same nose, lips, skin, everything. So, why I was treated differently?

It first started when I didn't attend my friend's birthday party because I was ill. I asked my friends about what happened there and did anyone ask why I didn't come? They replied that they made an excuse on my behalf that I was aiding my parents who are servant. I didn't get it until I visited my friend's house. His father told me that I am a very hardworking guy as I started domestic duties at very young age (7), I kept silent. I asked my friends, how and why they used such disgusting excuse, they replied "because you look like a Nepali". Nepal being a poor country, a lot of people work here as servants, janitors, watchmen, etc. I was petrified to find it out that I don't look like the people around me. I constantly checked the mirror time and again and asked myself "am I different?"

I was often called that I am adopted because my parents look like an average Indian looks but me, I was an Alien in my own homeland. Adding insult to injury, my dad took me to the clinic for my check-up. I knew that it was a genealogical DNA test because I heard my parents discussing about this last night. Fortunately, the doctor was not there. But I was still undergone for a blood test. I heard the lab attendant said that I have A +ve blood group. My dad told my mom that I have AB +ve. She then asked me if he's telling the truth, I said no, I heard A +ve. My mom is A +ve while my dad is O +ve. Till date, they treat me very nicely and nourished me like god. But whatever happened, was indelible memory. Even my parents doubted (once) my ancestry. I felt like I am unacceptable. I was at a point where I was about to... (you know) but thank god, I was so weak to commit this.

My school was like a Tophet to me. The students used to stare at me randomly. My expressions were timorous, according to them. Like every victim of such prejudice, I faced violence too. But my dad taught me a lot about how to handle the things corporeally but cognitively, I was on my own. I was denote as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and as a Denizen of every East Asian country but not as an Indian. Whenever I opened my books, there were pages inserted by bullies having a phrase written "Made in China". A guy approached a girl, on my behalf, without my consent, to make fun of me. She came to me and said, "how dare you to approach me? You Thai people are sh*mal*s". Throughout my whole school life, I never proposed any girl. I was never enough courageous, I knew that I... I was hideous. For the annual function, in the cast selection, I requested the teacher to appoint me as the lead protagonist because I remember all of the lines of him from the script and I can play it well, she selected me for the main antagonist. I asked her why, she replied that I look like a villain and then, the whole class laughed at me. During the play, at the climax, I was defeated by the lead protagonist. He raised his bow and arrow in the air, signifying his victory, having the queen in his arms. I was lying on the floor, watching the audience applauding his performance and some people booing at my defeat. I wanted to be a hero, but I did a sin, I had the different skin. I didn't deserve to be a hero because I don't "look" like a hero. The most dreadful moments was when our English teacher gave us a command to watch and observe a video to check various accents around the world. He then left the class, when an Asian lady appeared on the screen. Everyone started to laugh and started passing comments like "look (my name)'s mom haha". This was the first time, I was about to cry, to hide those tears, my inner fears, I covered my face. In that hopeless place, I noticed a silence, my best friend on my adjacent seat, providing me resilience. He also covered his face and said, "believe me, everything will be alright".

At this point you might be thinking that why I didn't take any action against this? I couldn't do anything. I was an impuissant kid. If I tried to report to the elders, they'd laugh at me and take it lightly and there's no law in India against racial discrimination. Racism is not taken seriously in India, only casteism. Yes, you heard it right. I suggest you to read this article to understand what's happening to the people like me.

After my school life, I relocated to New Delhi. I was hoping a new beginning but my vandalized soul was lacking self-confidence. Whenever I tried to initiate a new conversation with a stranger, my inner-self started to hope that they talk to me in Hindi not in English because then I will be labelled as a foreigner. Fortunately, they all talked to me in Hindi. My friends and I were having a party, we all were hungover. So, we (three guys) made a bet. There was a hot girl in the class, we all will approach her and the winner would be decided as the greatest. I accepted, just because I didn't want to ruin that mesmerising night. My turn was last (according to stone, paper & scissors). They both were rejected, my turn, I was watching a mountain from the ground, but winds were pushing me. I don't know how, I approached her and she accepted. Miracles DO happen. I started looking at my past and then I looked at the potential future. I didn't know what to believe. I checked the mirror, asked the same question "am I still different?". I was the same guy, same looks but different atmosphere. That salubrious atmosphere, ameliorated everything. Maybe my friend was right, everything was getting alright. Eventually, she moved back to her home (in another state) and we forcibly broke up. I had no grieves. I was busy finding my inner-self, why I am being treated nicely now? I doubt who was she, I guess she was a messenger sent by destiny, a scapegoat who projected all the evils and fears. I decided to forget my past and believe on my future because it was going to be my next present.

A single quality can cover all of your flaws. I have copious qualities and I ain't scared of that single pseudo demerit.

Now, the racism is non-existent in my life. I am still called as Chinese but only by my friend for humour only and they know the limits. I backfire on them by replying "You Indians are jealous of our army and see, how we humiliated you by entering in Arunachal Pradesh (an Indian state)". That uncle who misconstrued me as a child of a sweeper, realised that I belong to one of the most reputed family of the state. My parents never let me to go to that topic and keep me happy. The schoolteacher who assigned me the role of antagonist, told me how she liked my performance and she misses my presence in the school now. I also realised that "there's no hero without villain" and it was me who got that opportunity. That girl who disgraced me, approached me (for her mean intentions, of course) and found the meaning of tit-for-tat. All those students who laughed at me in the class, treat me with respect and consider me a precious friend.

I am happy because I am unique :)

Be different, be seen. Make friends, say "hi" to everyone. Always stay ready for potential torments. Fight back, keeping the outcomes in mind. Work hard. Study longer. Be strong. You are beautiful too and if you are not, at least you can "do beautiful" things (we all know how celebrities look without make-up :P But the thing is, they do the beautiful things). If you don't give a shih, nobody else will.

YourFutureEx 1 - 0 Racism

I still have some insecurities but thanks to GAG and GAGers, they motivated me a lot. They made me feel loved. A lot of GAGers told me that they will always love me for who I am, not for how do I look. It doesn't matter at all. And after spending six months in this community, I checked and observed every race. Everybody is equal, they all think equally, behave equally and love everyone equally.

So, for all those who requested my pic, I am finally going to put it on my profile and going to ditch these enigmatic profile pictures, I was known (literally, criticised) for :D

Sorry to keep you waiting... #YourFutureExCompleted !

Game on folks, believe!


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  • i am happy you are comfortable now! people can be really really mean. they have to be. how else will they feel good about themselves without hurting someone else

    people can be hurtful towards those from north-east India too... they are crudely called chinese

    all my life i have tried to fit in too. physically i looked like just about anyone else... but i wanted to be gregarious like her, and smart like him, and funny like her, and tall like him... somewhere i lost my individuality. it was too late when i realised that i just have to be myself. i can't suit every single person's fancy.
    i have realised that it is not important to fit in. it is important to be that purple thread in an all-white shawl.

    • Yeah, this was not just limitedto race, it'sabout overall looks. At the end of day, the thing which will matter is that what you have done in your life not how do you look.
      I'm glad you are happy now.
      And thank you very much for reading :)

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    • Are people from the northeast states, like west Bengal, Jharkand, and Bihar somewhat Asian-looking as well?

      I ask because I've seen a lot of Bengali people who have a slightly Asian-looking appearance, while I never see that on western Indians. Lactose intolerance (common in Asians) is also much higher in Calcutta than in northwest or south India.

      I'd say the same goes for Europe too, Russians/Scandinavians have more Asian features than western Europeans.

    • @koko124 - No not that much but being abject to this there will be some. I don't know exactly however.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Very nice take. Discrimination is a sad reality in India, even when it is the most diverse country in the world. Many Indians cry or moan about discrimination that they feel in foreign countries without any introspection of themselves and without taking a closer look at their own country where discrimination on basis of religion, race, caste, sex, language, place of birth, origin etc. is rampant. I too have been discriminated against though the reasons were different in my case. Good to know that you overcame racism.

    • Very true. It's sad that like everybody faced discrimination in one way or another.
      Thanks so much for reading :)

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What Girls Said 12

  • Terrible.

    I thought this would be a story about dark skin because I know there is hatred of skin in India. But I didn't think this would be about you not looking like a "real indian". I am sorry you went through this but yes you won the world because you are still standing.

    • And terrible referring to your experience of course, not your take.

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    • He is one of the first me. commenters

  • I'm sorry you've had to experience those things. You're definitely unique in your thoughts, you're a very intelligent guy and that's what should matter most! The majority of genuinely nice people will view you and every other skin colour equally. People who don't think you're equal are people you shouldn't give your time to!
    I'm glad I can put a face to your name now too!

  • Amazing story. I can't imagine being treated that way simply because of my appearance. I'm glad you learned to deal with it.

    Side note, what moron wouldn't like the way you look? ;)

    • OMG LOL 😶 don't make my face red 😶

      That was because I was the only one in my area who had (have) such face. They all look like pure Indian but I don't.

      Thanks for reading :)

    • Yeah, you are cute. I'm glad you figured out how to handle it. Great read!!

    • @girlandhermusic - cute? Aw.. I must say, thank you very much for your kind words and time for reading this :)

  • Very nice mytake! Ah... I hate racism. A lot of people mispronounce my name on purpose to be racist and try to make it as "Asian sounding" as possible. But they don't realize that my last name is literally short for Jonathan and is pronounced like John. Pretty uncommon for a last name. Some peeps make me do the work in projects because there like "Asians are smart". The yellow skin remark is irritating. Im not even golden or tan.. I'm fair to pale. One reason why I never tan myself. Also that Ching Chung Chang think that people do... Annnnnoying. Since elementary I wanted to become more Caucasian but at the end what I am is who I am!

    • I am so sorry to hear that but I am glad to read the words about your self-confidence.
      I face that "Ching Chung Chang" thingy too. It's so irritating. But in the end, dogs will remain barking dogs and the fittest will survive in this society. It doesn't matter how do we look, the thing which matter is that what we have done in our life.

      Thank you so much for reading, best of luck for your future. :) Keep smiling!

  • I'm glad you're still here ! You're a strong guy (:
    Your take was great.

  • What a sad story. I'm glad you are not tormented by racists anymore.
    What do you mean by casteism? You cannot mistreat people from a lower caste or people who don't belong to any caste (foreigners)?

    • Thanks for reading :)

      It used to be called as 'varna' (4 in no.) :-
      ●the Brahmins: priests, teachers and preachers.
      ●the Kshatriyas: kings, governors, warriors and soldiers.
      ●the Vaishyas: cattle herders, agriculturists, businessmen, artisans and merchants.
      ●the Shudras: labourers and service providers.

      Now, we have castes (called as 'jaati').
      As the lower castes are poor labourers, they are mistreated in my country. But thanks to government, they made strict rules against casteism. Now, if anyone even tried to call them "you lower caste boy/girl) they'll end up in jail.

      But government uses castes to divide the population. (Like US do as races in census). They grant special privileges and quotas to lower caste people. I belong to upper caste by the way.

      And foreigners are of no caste to us. But if they became a citizen of India, their caste will depend upon their religion.

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    • I don't understand what cutoff is supposed to mean. 180 is higher than 35 though. What kind of quota are you refering to? A certain percentage of university entries based on caste or their student fees based on caste instead of income

      Anyway, it's good you don't have to endure the racism of your own people anymore, because you look more 'Indian' now, but I wonder what your suggestion is for other people who actually are (originally) from Nepal and the other countries you mentioned to overcome racism.

    • We'll discuss on casteism later.

      And no I don't look Indian now. It's just that I learnt how to deal with it.

  • Wow.
    Great take :((

  • omg you are really nice
    im glad you are here
    you can call me your friend if you dont mind
    i would be greatful to be one of your friends

    • OMG! Thank you so much. I'm honoured and touched by your kind gesture ^_^ I'm very grateful!

    • You're a strong guy , Thanks for sharing
      I hate racism. I'm glad you learned to deal with it.
      happy you are comfortable now

    • Thanks for taking your time :) my friend!

  • Nice... .. :)

  • Amazing take :) *standing ovation*

  • Thanks for sharing your touching story, it is very well-written 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💟👍👍👍👍 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 : )




    • Aww thanks for your salubrious support and feedback. :- ) :- ) :- )

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    • I promised you this afternoon that I would answer this for you : )

      The odds of you existing are almost zero. Basically, it’s a miracle that you exist as you, so don’t take it for granted! : D
      Take care and get well soon.

    • Ya surely :- )

  • ooooooh you are bringing memories back. i went through the same :(

    • Aww I'm really very sorry to hear that :(

      But didn't you read the last lines. We should not get down because of this.
      Is it okay there with you?

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    • Forget the past. Just learn from that.
      I'm glad to see you happy and thanks for reading this :)

    • you are welcome :)

What Guys Said 4

  • Thanks for sharing your take and sorry for your past. I love how you set this here up
    YourFutureEx 1 - 0 Racism
    I've been too in a racist bunch of barbarians in school, starting from 8. th grade. I too have been bullied and got called names such as fascist, nazi, hitler's son, maniac, rapist, killer, amok runner... I had no reaction on it but only developed the art of ignorance towards, how I see them, morons.

    I made the philosophy "They keep hating me for who I am? I am better anyway so I do not become them.". And it worked. I have goals, the ways to achieve them and interest in science. The others, who hated me we're not going as far as I am here now. Looking at my past, I was blind and seeked answers. And now I got them all. And the mirror displays the same image of myself (just with the addition of beard ;) )

    I have my own childhood story of how I managed to survive the war with the racists. I'm not sure if I should post a myTake too about that.

    So, long story short, I survived racism too and stood steady like a tank or a mountain rock. So that's Because we are all unique, basically :)

    • I forgot to add: GirlsAskGuys have also opened a few eyes for me and I am thankful for the community! Much appreciated for sharing their stories, their opinions and I learned some worth lessons here, given by the community.

    • Wow thank you so so so much for reading and sharing your experience. I think we have similar stories :)

      Unit1 1 - 0 Racism ;)

      Keep smiling fella!

    • You and me both pal, that will be [ 2 - 0 ] for the advantage of unique people, leaving racism with 0 at the losing side ;) We do have similar storylines.

      No problem mate! You're quite welcome!

  • too many people obsess over racism. ^^ its part of the reason why i don't really say much anymore in front of people i don't know. People have to consistently censor themselves now, so they don't "offend" others. It only takes one mistake, a racial slur lets say, for your life to get incredibly complicated, and you will most defiantly lose your job. Even a joke taken the wrong way can ruin things for you.

    And it sucks being a white guy in those moments. Anything remotely sounding racist... a racial joke... or if you got angry and said something by mistake, can just ruin you. And im serious... a black joke, even a jewish joke can make you lose your job.

    • Yeah, there are so many people who use words (which are against their own race) in jovial manner but still I don't involve in them because who knows if a joke would lead me to catastrophic conditions.

      Thanks for reading :)

    • sort of takes the fun out of being a person with a sense of humor.
      But this politically correct culture just makes things worse

  • thankkfully, i dont look indian too, i look turkish/ arab build wise and features wise, gets me laid though tbh lol.

  • 0|1
    • Thank you so much mate :) and cool gif. Stealing this, yay!

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    • Heck I might have to title that 1 "it's not creeping if they don't see you" LOL Like I did on Bethany cats MEME thingy