Why didn't my boyfriend get me a 1 year anniversary/vday/birthday present ?

My boyfriend and I had been dating for almost a year and it was my b day and he took me out to eat but didn't get me a single card/present/stuffed animal.. nothing. And then our one year anniversary/v day (they are on the same day) he didn't even get me a v day present OR something for our anniversary. Then for Xmas I got him a bag full of presents (almost $300 worth) and he got me perfume from Hollister and a DVD. wtf is up with that?


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  • It sounds like you're focusing WAY too much on the material aspects of your relationship.

    Put frankly, it isn't your boyfriend's job to purchase you stuffed animals and presents. Gifts from him shouldn't be out of obligation, but out of affection. Personally, I'd say $300 of stuff is way too much for one Christmas. If there's something he desperately wants that costs $300, then that's up to you, but getting a whole bunch of stuff for him just to expect it in return is rather shallow of you.

    I don't know about your boyfriend, but I always have trouble coming up with gifts to buy around Christmas and the like. I personally would much rather just get something that my girlfriend really wants when it's out rather than just being obligated to get something on Christmas and Valentine's day. Likewise, I rarely have anything that I really want, so I hate when people ask me what to get me for the holidays. It's possible that your boyfriend could be the same way.

    In short, don't expect him to spend money on you just because you did it for him. You aren't appreciating a gift if you are expecting it.

    • Ya good point. I guess I'm just used to receiving gifts on holidays because of my past relationship. Sometimes I feel that its a way for a guy to express his feelings because they tend to dislike talking about them. And I did give him hints of things I wanted. But I guess the quote, "Don't expect too much and you won't be let down" comes into play here.

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  • Completely agree with Killfest400.

    You seem to be putting to much focus on material items. Maybe he didn't have any money? Worry about it can really affect your relationship. If you have a good and healthy relationship you should forget about something so minor.


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  • Okay I understand what you mean but I also agree with the guy answers... my boyf HATES shopping, more so because he doesn't want to spend his money on something he doesn't know if I'll like, so no surprises for me ever.

    He loves me and I know that but for Valentines I didn't get anything, it was our 1yr a few weeks ago and we didn't exchange presents and for my 21st in January he surprised me with flowers :p We have a rule, if there's something you reallllly want then you say it and its up to the other person to decide to get it for you for xmas or bday...

    I don't like asking for presents because I wouldn't want him asking me to buy him stuff, instead of celebrating things like valentines or anniversaries we just do take turns shouting for dinners or movies etc during the yr... If you love each other you don't need presents to show it :)

  • Me and my boyfriend had our first anniversary last Friday. I got him one of those Gift Republic boxes "Name a star" so we could name a star after us. We went to this restaurant in order to celebrate. After I finished eating, I went to the bathroom. Meanwhile, the waiter had bought us the cheque. When I came back, my boyfriend told me he took money out of my wallet because he only had 100$ bill and didn't want to pay with it (I had smaller bills in my wallet) and told me he was going to give me the money back but he didn't. He didn't get me anything for our anniversary and he took money out of my wallet to pay for the dinner he had invited me to. So, yeah, boyfriends suck at this.

  • Next time an important date comes up for the two of you to celebrate, don't get him a single thing.

    Maybe then he'll realize how much he's taking your tokens of affection granted for. And maybe he will realize that he should be getting you at least a damn card to express his feelings.

    Unless he's telling you and pouring his heart out to you over dinner, that's inexcusable. Especially after a year.

    Good luck.

    • Haha thanks TripletTia. I told him since he didn't get me anything for my bday I wasn't getting him anything for his but I ended up throwing him a surprise bday party... *shoulder shrug. Thanks for the comment though! I just have been trying real hard not to play games but I guess it might be time to..sigh

    • Haha, wow you really stick to your guns.

      Well, maybe his party opened his eyes somewhat and made him realize that it's unfair of him to not reciprocate with anything when you do above and beyond the call of being a good girlfriend, at least when it comes to gift-giving.

      Fight fire with fire my friend!

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