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Have you ever had to fight for your life?

Could be a physical confrontation/altercation, a battle with cancer, a severe accident/injury, being pulled out to sea/drowning, etc.

For me a few times. Once I fell into a pool when I was 4 years old, before I could swim. I was underwater for approx 2 mins before my cousins jumped in to save me. Another time I was in a confrontation with a guy out on the street and two of his buddies jumped in. I used something to rupture the inside of one guy and break the ribs of another before getting out of dodge (3 on 1 isn't the best odds tbh). There were also 2 home invasions in my life. The first time we wrestled and the guy and his friends forced me to retreat up the stairs. That's when I ran to my dad's room, locked the door, grabbed my dad's rifle and loaded it up.

As they try to kick in the bedroom door I rack the slide and chamber the first round. As they kick in the door they see the end of a rifle, drop their weapons and run out the house with their hands up like little pansies. The last time a guy tried to kick in the door at night out front. I woke my dad up and we took opposite positions down the stairs. He got behind the wall of the stairs and I got behind a counter top. We both pumped a round into our shotguns and then my dad hollered "we're armed in here! Get the f**k out or we'll open fire!" We hear something fall and the guy run to his truck and speed off. We go out front and it was a Jenning's J-22 with the magazine and hollow points spilled out onto the front steps. Not sure what it was about but back then I was in a local gang and I suspect someone might have wanted me dead.

(this is why I remain pro gun lol)
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Edit: I was in a local gang 4 years prior to the last incident. I had gotten out and rubbed some of them the wrong way when i left.
Have you ever had to fight for your life?
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