Encourage wife to flirt - to help our relationship?

So I have been married for 7 years, with 3 kids. Basically my wife tells me that the compliments I give her are not believable - i. e. they are great but she simply doesn't believe them.

After a long conversation, she admitted that the only way she can feel sexy etc is to flirt and have it validated by other people and so she needs to hear it and or see it from someone other than me and so may need to seek this out. In the long run she says that will help our relationship

My question is (1) Should I be worried (2) is this normal? (3) Should I encourage it? (I honestly don't have an issue with this at all, and have thought of scenarios to help this situation occur, e. g. girls night out, dancing with other guys etc... as long as she comes home to me - but haven't explicitly encouraged it - i. e. the seeking out of compliments via flirting

Any advice most welcome!
Encourage wife to flirt - to help our relationship?
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