Boyfriend's best friend is making me feel a bit uncomfortable when he's around?

This best friend of my boyfriend's has been close with him for over 5 years. He was there for my boyfriend through his relationship with his ex of just under 2 years, who supposedly was crazy on may levels. Would not get along well with any of my guys friends, would demand to be taken out to restaurants almost daily and he'd always take the bill, would guilt trip him with family drama to do things for her, etc. She would not enjoy sex at all with him, initiating things often but making him feel guilty halfway through.

I'm nothing like her. Get along very well with everyone, always split the bill, am almost a push over when it comes to what activity we do, high libido and quite sexually adventurous.

In any case, this friend of my boyfriend's has started having issues with him rarely having time for friends during the school year, choosing me over them. This may be true often, but he truly doesn't have much time. When with me, that's often when we're studying together. I've seen a lot of this best friend over the holidays, and almost every time he's gone so far as to make comments comparing me to the ex. Whether it be direct comparisons, or that my boyfriend is short on time now just like he was when with her. This obviously makes me feel super uncomfortable. I did nothing wrong to this friend, was always friendly. Now I feel uncomfortable even walking in to a party or showing any affection to my boyfriend when in front of him.

How should I best deal with this situation?
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This friend was invited to hang out with friends, my boyfriend and myself tomorrow night. I asked my boyfriend if the friend was going to show up, which led to a discussion on what the issue as well as possible resolutions are. It resulted in my boyfriend saying he doesn't think it's fair I'm making him choose between myself and someone he's been friends with for a couple of years. All over something that seems to have 'been made an issue' in my eyes only. -_-
Boyfriend's best friend is making me feel a bit uncomfortable when he's around?
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