My long distance boyfriend blocked me and disappeared?

I was competely heart broken after finding out that my long distance boyfriend of 6 months blocked me of all social media. The start of our relationship was great, we talked daily and he did everything for me. He promised me so many things and he said that he loved me the most of all the people in the world and that there couldnt be anything that would change that. He even said that he thought that I would become his wife later.
We were planning to meet for the first time this summer, after our exams ended.
1,5 months ago, we both agreeded to talk less so we could concentrate on our exams. My exams ended after 3 weeks already and I had a really difficult time waiting for his exams to end. I was going through a lot at that moment, but I tried to leave him alone so he could study, I didn't want to be the needy, demaning girlfriend. So I beared my pain and waited for him patienty. I only send him good luck messages once in a while, so he knew i was there. He barely replied to them. Which makes me really mad now. What guy can't make 5 minutes a day free for his gf?
Friday I messaged him saying that I've missed him and that im happy he will be back. At 4 am, he send me a message saying 'sorry im gonna have to break up with you i dont love you anymore and I can't lie so sorry please dont message me ever again im really sorry i hope you understand'. And that's it. No explanation, no closure.. just a sorry and a block.. I dont know what to do anymore. A part of me hopes that he will come back and tells me I have to wait, a part of me think that maybe he is depressed, a part of me think he met someone else. I can't move on because I have no answers and no closure.. Does anyone understand his behaviour? He can't cope well with stress and got a little depressed before during mock exams.. And what should I do now? I have no idea and Im just so broken, everything in my life is going awful.
My long distance boyfriend blocked me and disappeared?
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