My boyfriend stopped texting and calling me:(?

My boyfriend like stopped sending me cute morning and i love you texts all of a sudden. And he never calls me anymore like he used to:( I guess he's just busy but it makes me feel unappreciated and ignored that he won't even give me a Hi text all throughout the day and only responds mediocorly when i text him first. I told him how i felt about this a few times this week, but he still continues to do it and insures he will make it up to me. I told him what i needed to see from him, yet he hasn't changed so i just decided today i will not reach out to him at all. The only thing i got from him was "im sorry im working 😥" around 4pm but i never responded. Do you think if I just stop reaching out or responding to him, it will make him realize that he needs to put more effort in communication and go back to how he was before when he used to call and text me every single day?
Yes, it will work
No, it will make things worse
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My boyfriend stopped texting and calling me:(?
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