Why Won't He Stay The Night?

I have been seeing this man off and on for three months. I understand that he most likely doesn't "understand HOW" a relationship works but he agrees to learn. I'm patient...Anyhow, we are currently becoming intimate and he never wants to go on dates, hang out with my friends or his friends (I hang with guys and chicks), he's always at the club, and most of all: He NEVER spends the night! Every time that he's been over he's never asked if he could and when I did offer he always had to go before midnight. For the first time, he stayed PAST midnight two days ago.

Also, this evening, before he came over, we were on the phone. I jokingly said that I was "being bad" because I was playing a joke on someone but I didn't tell him WHAT I was doing. Right after he left the gym he was on his way. He brought my fave candy when he got to my place and seemed playful and wanting to be intimate...Shocked the hell out of me: He got to pulling off my clothes then thought it was FUNNY that he led me on and all of a sudden had to LEAVE. I played it off...

*You don't mess with a WOMAN'S hormones like dat...NEVER.*

What the hell is going on here? I know his living situation is uncomfortable *he lives with his father and I have YET to see his living space because its a complex for geriatrics* I KNOW he's not married or living with a girlfriend, but his behavior? Its just plain odd. He was recently laid off and I've offered to do his resume and help him with his job search. Am I getting played? They say go with your gut instincts...

Please help!
Why Won't He Stay The Night?
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