I don’t trust my boyfriend and I don’t know why? His phone is off at night?


My boyfriend tells me he loves me everyday but I DONT trust him and I just don’t know why. I’ve gotten no proof of anything apart from his promiscuous past ( But I had one a bit too so I don’t judge ) everytime I wake up I just get this feeling in my heart and throat that something isn’t right? He hasn’t done anything wrong? Like last night he had to cancel as he said his little sister is sick and she wanted him to stay with him and for some reason I just don’t believe it? I just think he’s out cheating because that was his past before?

He always says I love u before cutting the phone but he also always likes females photos on Instagram and stuff and I just DONT trust him. I love him though I don’t want to break up with him? But I genuinely don’t trust him.

Sometimes his phone is off at 11pm and he dosent answer or puts it on do not disturb. And I find it so suspicious. I just cry everyday because something feels so wrong and I have no proof? Is it not suspicious we make plans then he won’t call me to let me know and his phones off during midnight? I’ve NEVER been a insecure woman with my partners, so I feel as though because I feel like this there must be Something wrong.

A few of his ex’s once told me he’s a narcissist and a serial dater and cheater with proof but I just ignored it. If he really is a narcissist then he can say he loves me without meaning it I guess?

3 mo
I just don’t think he loves me I just think he loves the way I love him so much, he seems to say I love you more when I’m in a state where I’m forgiving him
I don’t trust my boyfriend and I don’t know why? His phone is off at night?
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