Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Or secretly want other girls?

First of all, I just wanted to tell you guys that I still have trust issues from my previous relationship
My ex boyfriend cheated on me so now I can't fully trust ANY guy
Me and my current boyfriend been together for almost 1.5 years
I do trust him in a way but not 100%
Although he has never cheated on me
He's a really attractive and fit guy
He's kind of like a fitness model on instagram
He has many followers on instagram and facebook
There are some girls that comment stuff on his instagram saying "youre so hot" , "wow gorgeous" , etc etc
He just likes their comments and doesn't reply
We do take pictures together and he does put our pictures on his facebook and instagram
So anyway, few days ago, I kept nagging him how he wants other girls and he's not happy with me and all that stuff
He got really annoyed and saying "If i wasn't happy with you, i wouldn't be with you"
Everyday/night he calls me and he ask how I am, what I am upto, what he's upto, etc
And last night, we were on the phone and he was playing his game
And then he said "Im gonna tag u on something"
Then I checked my facebook, and he uploaded a video of him playing his game and then he posted it on his facebook and his caption on it was:
"My girlfriend thinks im chatting to other girls.. but this is what Im actually doing.. lol" and then tagged me.
All his facebook friends can see the post
Would he do this if he was cheating on me?
Would a guy act differently if he was cheating on his partner and/or want other girls?
Yea seems like he's cheating/want other girls
No it doesn't seem like he's cheating/want other girls
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Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Or secretly want other girls?
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