Guys and girls, is the Ross-Rachel relationship overrated?

Now before you assume that I am some sort of a Friends hater, I must tell you that it is quite the opposite. While it may not be my favourite American sitcom (I like Seinfeld more), it is one that is very close to my heart as it was the first American sitcom I had watched. However, on rewatching it recently, I can't help but think that the Ross-Rachel relationships was at least slightly overrated. For starters, Ross is so insanely possessive of her that it seems hard for me to believe that there won't ever be another time that he doesn't get jealous of a male colleague of Rachel's such as Mark. While I do understand that scars he suffered from the multiple divorces he has had, it gets annoying after a while. In short, he is one whiny asshole who can't stop complaining about how screwed up his life is.
Rachel isn't any better either. She is as fucking jealous of Ross dating other women as the reverse situation. (She even made a girl go jald for Christ's sake). Also, Rachel's stupid technicalities like "We were on a break" are ridiculous. You have either broken up or you haven't. Stuff can't be so ambiguous all the time.
In short, I can't see this relationship working in the long run. Chandler-Monica may not have had such a dramatic relationship, but their's was 10 times better.

Also, if you have made it this far, should I watch it is always Sunny in Philadelphia? Heard that it is amazing...
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Guys and girls, is the Ross-Rachel relationship overrated?
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