If he says he's "not really looking for a relationship" but is he changing his mind?

There's this guy I've been dating for a little over a month now. We started hanging out casually with a group of friends for the first couple of weeks, but we've been getting closer and closer as time goes on.

We both knew we were attracted to each other and we get along really well. He was upfront with me early on in telling me that he wasn't really looking for a relationship. He's had two serious relationships in the past and he ended up getting hurt, so I guess he's afraid of ending up in another situation like that. I told him that I was and he said that we could see what happens.

Now even though he said he's not looking for a relationship, things have seemingly been progressing in that direction. We talk every day even if we don't see each other. He always includes me in his plans for the weekend and tries to see me at least once during the week even if it's just to go for a quick walk because he says he misses me. He's very affectionate toward me and is always holding my hand, putting his arms around me, and kissing me when we're together. But he's never pushed for sex.

We talk about all kinds of things and he's even opened up to me about some of the not-so-good things in his past. We have tons of stuff in common and both have similar laid back personalities. He's pretty much everything I've been looking for. He's often told me that I'm the coolest girl he's ever met and that he likes me a lot.

So now I'm confused because even though he said he doesn't want a girlfriend he treats me as a guy would his girlfriend. Is it possible that he's changing his mind and is considering being in a relationship with me, or is he likely to never put a label on things and keep them in a vague middle ground? I really like him a lot and I'm afraid of getting attached to something that can never go anywhere.
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I'm hearing back from a lot of the girls on this, but not the boys. Come on guys I could use your input here more! What does it mean to you if you tell a girl that?
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Thanks for all the answers on this, but I don't need any more now. We're officially in a relationship :)
If he says he's "not really looking for a relationship" but is he changing his mind?
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