Should I break up with my boyfriend for constantly pushing me to be “better”?

I consider myself to be pretty confident and good at making decisions. I trust myself and I am patient and sure that I am doing well. With my background, I have came such a long way and I’m proud of myself for it. I don’t personally smoke, drink, or party regularly and I have been adamantly saving. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 months and I find myself getting irritated by all his suggestions that I “get a better job” or him sending me links to purchase a new car. I appreciate that he wants to push me to “greatness” but I honestly just feel judged. His behavior and insistence on doing “better” only aggravated me because I am doing fine. He strikes me as the kind of guy who is over obsessed with looking like he is doing good in life rather than actually enjoying it. And I think of myself as a practical person. I don’t fix things that work just fine, and I don’t obsess over how I need to be “a better person” every day. I feel like he doesn’t like me for who I am
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He is a good person but he hasn’t made me feel good about myself. It’s not like I was dissatisfied with life when I met him. I was actually proud of myself. I came a long way. In my earlier years I had to beat obstacles that most people don’t even have to deal with. I don’t like being pushed to be “better” when a I have already pushed myself. My average life is like another life in comparison to the old me. I’m not a project I just want to be “enough” for once in my life. I felt better single
Should I break up with my boyfriend for constantly pushing me to be “better”?
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