Boyfriend said this happened because I'm weak and vulnerable?

My boyfriend and me went to a dinner for a charity and a politician looked down my shirt and I told my boyfriend about it and he laughed and he told me later on that if I wasn’t so weak and vulnerable the guy wouldn’t have done it and I took that as so insulting. Would you tell your girlfriend/boyfriend that? I just am really big on respect and he always believes in telling the truth and that’s okay but you can tell the truth without being rude to your girlfriend. He said if I was a strong independent woman the politician wouldn’t have done that. WHO DOES THAT?! That’s just rude and then when I tell him it’s rude he said he’s not sorry and that a real woman wouldn’t get mad and try to fix it. To all you real women out there would you deal with that? I believe a man should never cut a woman down or make her feel bad about herself. He acts like he’s done nothing wrong and doesn’t even apologize that was a rude comment and that would upset anyone your boyfriend is suppose to make you feel good about yourself and not bad or am I wrong? I know I have flaws trust me I’m not perfect but that stuff hurts me I like being told the truth as well but how can I take advice from someone that just hurts my feeling that’s not helping me. I also don’t like being compared I believe if a man loves you he should respect you and not say things like this and if he does and it hurts you he should see it and apologize. I know people try to grow and benefit from each other but how can you benefit from that I have feelings I’m human.
Boyfriend said this happened because I'm weak and vulnerable?
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