Why do men cheat with unattractive women?

My boyfriend had this 2 month online relationship with a drop out, unemployed, drug addict with zero aspirations aside from coke, MDMA, and weed. She’s also a year younger than me but looked so much older and uglier because of her worn skin. My man’s friends made fun of him because “she’s cooked and fat.” All she had was boobs and a bit of butt going for her, however, I have double Ds and a nicer bum. I don’t see the point in any of what happened. She was bitchy, self hating, depressed, and REALLY stupid. Like illiterate level of stupid.

In comparison I used to be a model, I have rowing and netball medals, I’m in the top 1% for academics in my country, I come from good genes, and I just got accepted into university with a scholarship. Meanwhile he comes from shit. When I started dating him he was addicted to drugs, academically weak, he was going to leave school by 16, he was depressed, and his family were a bunch of abusive crackheads. I still saw something in him though. I helped him get out of the situation he was in. He’s doing well now or at least on paper he is.

To be fair though, a lot happened to me during the 2 years of us dating. I started struggling with my mental health because of the verbal and sexual abuse I experienced by the hands of his family and some rowing coaches/boys. I also got raped by a close friend of mine which messed me up. I also had to get a spine surgery because I got so injured from sports so I work from home now but still try my best to stay toned. Yet, through it all I still succeeded in accomplishing a lot and overcame so many adversities.

When I asked him about why he cheated on me he said he liked how he had power over her because she was weak. He wanted to hurt her mentally. He never asked her for nudes or met up to be with her sexually by the way. He said he never wants to hurt me though because I’m the only person he loves. He wants me to be successful.

Do any of you have an explanation?
Why do men cheat with unattractive women?
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by the way sorry I used a horrible picture of both of us we just don’t have many pictures together he’s not that sorta guy
Why do men cheat with unattractive women?
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