Girls, how to initiate a relationship with my cousin?

im 32 my cousin is 45, she's a hardcore christian girl who has been so picky with men to the point where she is 45 and still single, she also is still a virgin *back story, when she was 26 she was engaged, but that fell through because her fiancé wanted to have sex with her and she wanted to wait for her wedding night fast forward to the future, she is still single and very much alone, she is gorgeous, huge breast, perfect hips and ass, sexy face and feet im 32 single, i know im handsome and i am able to seduce any woman i choose, so i know my looks are appealing to women whenever we chill or be running errands, because I've always been attracted to her i socialize with her as i would a potential luv interest, and she always reciprocates it as a woman who is interested, but then she seems to "catch" herself and pulls back. i know this is a long shot and there is a 99% chance nothing will ever happen but... you only live once right and i really love her in that way. i try to rationalize my feelings by citing ancient civilizations, and even using other religions as a viable reference in my mind. i know she will never meet anyone and at this point she is destined to be alone until death, (based on how stubborn she remains) so i feel like it would be appropriate due to the circumstances to persue it, even though we are family, i understand the psychology of women, as i am able to make women who initially had no interest in me, begin to find me irresistible, i am just curious to know if it's possible to have this with my cousin all circumstances considered, we both have an awesome relationship as things stand, and id luv to have something special between us, im not asking about the ethics of my feelings or morality, im asking how would be the most sure shot way to initiate this relationship with her. she is an amazing person and i feel like anyone who would be with her would be the luckiest man ever, and i want to be that man.. isee her value and i want her
Girls, how to initiate a relationship with my cousin?
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