How can I decide who should I chose?

Hey guys, first of all don’t mind my English i’m not a native speaker So my story started 4 years before when i hooked up with a great friend of mine. I didn't like him as a man more like a friend and he wasn't really my type. But i felt sorry when he told me he loves me, so i agreed to date with him. I was thinking it won't work and we will separate eventualy. But the thing is we stayed together for 4 years. I love him, not with romantic love but i do love him. We grow together a lot, he knows me the most and he knows me the most as Well. But in the same time we have problems too. He is way too much religious and he is a foreigner. He makes me change if my clothes are short or let show too much. I am a modest girl i dont like slutty clothes either, but his culture is more strict. Also we have problems because of different religions. So we live our life, i even forgot how is to feel romantic love. But a guy came, we had a mutual class and “ met” there. He is into me and god i remembered how to feel being attracted to me. I domt want to play with their hearts and dont want to cheat. I know i sound like an a.. hole but i really dont know what to do. Should i stay with my boyfriend, who is my best friend, the closest person to me but i never loved him romantically and i am not attracted to him. Or should i end up this relationship in hope i can feel love and attraction, feel myself a woman next to a man. My boyfriend deserves someone who loves him the way he loves me. But in the same time it would hurt him terribly and me too. Somehow i always felt like one day we break up and it eill be solved but more i think about breaking ip my heart aches more.
How can I decide who should I chose?
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