Am I wrong in this situation?

So my boyfriend & i were having some drinks with his siblings and friend, everything was going well till i saw him watching my phone and i made a joke about it, but he ended getting mad cause he says he was looking to see how many guys message me… i am very active on my social medial and i have been since i was 15 (22 now) so i have always had people reply to post complimenting me (girl/guy) i do not answer them at all and i showed him for prof but yet he still gets mad.
But he does cocaine and i have been asking him to stop for some time stop and yet here he his tonight still doing it so honestly it’s frustrating for me cause i do a lot for him and i feel like i deal with a lot yet its still an argument he chose to have with everyone around.
His siblings agreed with me that if i dont reply it shouldn’t be such a big deal cause most girls will receive dms from people but his friend says i should understand which i do but i dont feel like it should be an argument nor a issue to deal with around friends and family.
Pls give me your opinions whether i am right or wrong, this is only my second relationship so any tips are welcomed:)
Am I wrong in this situation?
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