Why are some women so desperate that they shack up with douchebags?

I can't believe that women get involved with men who have had a domestic abuse charge and a kid with another woman. Having a child with another is no big thing as there are mixed "Yours, mine, and ours" families all over. The domestic abuse charge would have been a huge red flag yet some women seem to want dick so bad that they ignore it. What would you do it that child had been your grandson?
An Idaho man with a history of domestic violence formally admitted that he beat his pregnant fiancée’s 2-year-old son to death in February. Prosecutors had previously claimed that the child was “beaten to death essentially, or abused to the point that his body could no longer take it.”
Officers with the Boise Police Department were called after receiving reports about a toddler being brought in and treated for “significant injuries,” “The toddler had been brought into the clinic unconscious and not breathing. It was determined that the child sustained injuries at a residence in Garden City.”
Ashland died a short while after police arrived at the facility. Medical personnel determined that the toddler died from “traumatic injury.”
Officers then went to the Garden City residence where Williams had been watching the child and where he was taken into custody.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tanner Stellmon argued during Williams’ arraignment hearing that he was a danger to the community whose bond should be set in the millions. He noted that at the time Ashland was killed, Williams was on probation for a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction dating back to 2019. That case involved a different woman than Ashland’s mother.

Stellmon also pointed out that police said Williams had admitted to “losing his cool,” and that when Ashland was brought to the hospital the toddler was covered in bruises, had suffered a “severed liver,” had multiple broken ribs, and sustained an unspecified head injury.
Why are some women so desperate that they shack up with douchebags?
Why are some women so desperate that they shack up with douchebags?
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