I need your help?

Hello and happy new year
Sorry guys this is a long one
So , after one year I moved to Spain to be with my boyfriend, and it has been almost 4 months now here with only him , so days ago we had a brunch with his gay best friend (joe), and later my boyfriend told me that next Sunday he'll meet joe alone , in order to buy me the Christmas gift, and I can't be with them to not see the gift, so I told him yeah of course, and if you want after you finish we can meet the three of us for a coffee he told no because you'll see the shopping bags, and you'll know the gift ( in my mind i said why can't he wrap the gift and put it in another bag) so I said to him okay, later on the way home after a long day , he turns to me and ask me , is it okay that I go out again with Joe , while i stay at home , doing nothing no work no friends and on top of all everyone is speaking Spanish.
And when I asked him to give me a reason, for him to be alone with Joe , I'm still waiting for one !
How would you handle the situation?
I need your help?
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