Boyfriend won some money in the lottery but won't share because I was "unsupportive." Is he being unfair or am I being unreasonable?

So, I Was always told growing up that playing the lottery is waste of money, so I've never played.

My boyfriend of 3 years who I live with now plays with a few of the guys at work once a week , they all chip in like $5 and buy a ticket, they've been at it for about a year and had some minor wins here and there.

I was always telling him it's a waste of money and even added up how much he had spent and told him what he could have bought with that money but he wouldn't listen.

So, about two weeks ago, they won a substantial amount, and each walked away with around $75000 after tax! I couldn't believe it, he actually had a big win!

However, once I asked him "so what are we going to do with the money?" and he said "We? There's no WE in this money, you always made fun of me for playing the lottery, so, yeah, you're not getting any" and this has really upset me, even 10% of that would clear up all my debts and I told him he was being selfish and punishing me for being realistic, but he's not budging.

Surely he's not being fair?
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So I’ve talked to him and he’s investing $70,000 and is giving me $2000 and they’ve decided they will never get a win like this again so stopped playing lottery, I really would have liked more but thus will be enough to pay off my credit card so it’s a win I guess and he said he’s still really annoyed at my assumption that I would get some instead of waiting and now I wonder if he’d planned to give me more and I pissed him off
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Okay, following some of the better advice in this thread, I’m going to talk to him and remind him we are partners, we should help and support each other, punishing me for not supporting gambling is childish, and as we live together it should be OUR money and that $2000 (which I haven’t gotten yet by the way) is really selfish on his part. Will update after.
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I called him selfish, we had a big fight, he said he was investing for his future and I said he should have discussed it with me, he said it was his win to do with, as he pleased, I said when we marry it will be ours, he said he doesn’t know if he wants to marry me anymore, we argued extensively, he broke up with me and gave me a month to move out, won’t talk now even after calming down. That’s all I will say on the matter except he’s a selfish jerk and won’t even give me the $2000 now
Boyfriend won some money in the lottery but won't share because I was "unsupportive." Is he being unfair or am I being unreasonable?
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