Reasons Why People Believe in God

Some people may be curious on why people can believe in something which is both invisible and that we can't hear; God, and in this MyTake I'm going to explain you some of the reasons why some people believes in God. This MyTake is talking about generally and I do appreciate if you're sharing your story about how you started believing and on why you do it. If I missed something, you can also let me now what.

Reasons Why People Believe in God

1. Explain unanswered questions

Humans through history have been wondering at a lot of things. Especially on the unknown and unsolved mysteries that we don't have an answer at or can get an explanation on. Existential questions like:

"Where are we from?"
"Why do we exist?"
"What's the purpose of the life?"
"How where we created?"

are things humans have been curious about for a very long time and it's something that we can't test in the lab to find it out. To answer these questions people came up with an explanation about that a powerful power or energy created the universe and all the living beings in it. Some also thought it must be more than just plain energy and that it could think, so they started believing in a personal god like that one in the bible and the qur'an for example.

2. Comfort, hope and purpose

Reasons Why People Believe in God

Many Christians seeks comfort in Jesus the son and God the father (Yahweh). People of other religions may only seek it from God/Allah.

In a world with a lot of pain and suffering where we've wars, starvation, nature catastrophes, diseases and all that kind of stuffs life can seem pointless for some people if there's nobody of higher power who would eventually takes care about them or if there aren't anything fun like heaven or something similar after death, but just people deceasing to exist. Religion gives hope about a better future and it gives them a purpose in life. A common way of thinking is that the world's suffering are only there so we can differentiate good from evil, so we knows what good is and to live an exiting life. But if it's not going the way you hoped for, people believes there would be a solution at the problem in the end.

Some people thinks it's very difficult to think over death as an end at everything and what science says about the subject. Thinking over that you decease to exist and your body are decomposition sounds unpleasant for many. Especially if they've lived a miserable life or if they've lost someone they loves. Some may think:

"What's the purpose of all the suffering if we're just going to decease to exist after death, and isn't it like some of us are just experiencing the agony in this world to just stop existing without any forms of reward or happy ending? That's unfair"

The atheistic or nihilistic belief aren't for everyone and for some people it's too harsh. Especially for people who are victims of war, poverty, a medical condition and similar.

3. Tradition and the social circle

Reasons Why People Believe in God

Religious people often meets each other in their holy buildings (synagogue, church, mosque, temple etc.) or celebrates holidays and do traditions together. Here: Jews celebrating Sabbath.

Another common reason why people believes in God are because of traditions and the social circles like family, friends and other related. It don't always have to be pressure or forced. Sometimes people do it voluntarily and when they're part of the religion it can become a social thing where they've a strong community. Often in churches, synagogues, mosques etc. people are very social and do many things together as a huge community. They can share joy, sadness, anger and fun with each other.

4. Extraordinary experiences

Reasons Why People Believe in God

Illustration of how a near death experience might feel like.

Experiences like a near death experience, being witness to an unusual event like a miracle or getting a special feeling of doing something are giving many people a faith.

Some of them who've talked to the media have described their near death experience they had as a light in the tunnel, an enchanting feeling or seeing things they've not seen before that's difficult to word. Once time when I went to church some priests told us that their friend witnesses their friend being cured after a car accident by God. They said the patient had almost all of his bones in his body broken and that the doctors told him that he was most likely going to die.

The medical professionals took x-rays frequently and for every time they took a new picture one or two bones were healed. After taking the the x-ray pictures multiple of times, the pictures eventually showed up no broken bones and the patient were cleared cured. The priests believed it was a miracle of God. I've not met the patient or the patient's friend before, but I've only met the priests one or two times before. I've also heard about people talking about the holy spirit entering people's bodies in church. I've never seen that in real life and have only seen some videos in the media about it.

Reasons Why People Believe in God

Some people uses the holy spirit entering their bodies as an explanation on why they gets the unusual feelings and movements.

5. A scapegoat

Reasons Why People Believe in GodSome people believes in God so they can have someone to blame at if something went wrong. If someone are unfortunate, they can come up with an explanation that it happen them or someone else because they either were disobedient making God angry or because it was God's will. Some also uses God as an excuse on why things are like how it's or are angry at God because of all the suffering in the world.

6. Lack of evidence that he don't exist

Reasons Why People Believe in God

None-believers thinks God don't exist and don't believe at him because of lack of evidence that he exists. But theists have similar mindset, but in the opposite way. Many thinks there's no evidence for that he don't exist and therefor they can believe in him like if he was a "theory", but just a "theory that can't get tested in the scientific way. They also thinks they can back it up with the argument: "How can this world both exist and be so advanced without something behind it?", but none-believers also can back up their belief with "Who created God?". Anyway, since there's no clear evidence that God exists or don't exist, therefor this is about faith; about believing and guessing, not about clearing a scientific fact.


There's many reasons why people believes in God. It can be reasons like an explanation on the world's mysteriouses, providing comfort, hope and purpose of life or it can be reasons like the social circle, extraordinary experiences giving someone faith, to have a scapegoat and perhaps because there's no evidence otherwise.

Earlier on GAG I've asked several questions about religions and some of them have been about why people believes in God. After reading all the comments I've reflected and made up my own opinion that I shared with you on GAG. Therefor I made this MyTake.

My journey and what I believe

In my childhood I was a protestant Christian and many in my social circle was it too. Later I became an agnostic after reading the bible and starting questioning it at the age of 12. Then I became an atheist and eventually went to the nihilistic belief. Nowadays (When I wrote this MyTake) I thinks I'm changing direction again and going back to believing again. I'm not believing in the trinity (God the father, God the son and the Holy Spirit). Now I think I'm starting to believe in strong monotheism with only one creator (God) and that there where people who spread the religions. Especially thanks to a man who traveled a lot, the religion are now wide spread.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • For me, It is very Simple Here, dear.
    I have Loved and Believed in God, My Father and Yours, Who Art in Heaven, Yes, as an Invisible spirit. However, He brought down His only Begotten, Never Forgotten Son, Jesus Christ, To Teach us the Salvation Story.
    God/Jesus are Family. More than even your own Biological, Makes Logical Sense. Anyone Who had Died for My sins and Yours, Is Worth Loving, Believing and Keeping the 10 Commandments Clean, Being Born Again and To Be ready as well, For Judgement Day.
    No other Way. xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • I enjoyed your Mytake. Didn't agree with everything, but it was pretty much accurate on all fronts.

    However, I have qualms about this:

    "I've also heard about people talking about the holy spirit entering people's bodies in church"

    People acting like morons like that in the gif. That's people and their emotions acting a fool.

    The Holy Spirit is of love, joy, and peace not throwing people to the ground like they are on drugs.


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What Girls Said 6

  • I believe cause when you have faith, God shows Himself and does speak with you through people and experiences.

  • While these are true, remember that God exists sounds quite like a commonsense thing to Theists so we can never explain fully why we believe in God. It's an obvious thing.

    My reason for believing in God isn't added here.

  • Everyone needs to believe in something. Whether it's god, science, the tooth fairy etc... its what makes us human, and it's our beliefs that gives us humanity.

  • I believe in god because I am a sinner who needs to be saved

  • I believe there's more than planets and stars. There's something even more chocking and bigger and weirder.

  • i believe because i feel


What Guys Said 14

  • The biggest one of them all: "2. Comfort, hope and purpose"

    If it makes somebody feels better, then they'll do it, they'll believe it and take their chances with it.

    Some people simply just are never going to be willing to accept that death is finality and that nothing comes after, well, other than decomposition, and then nothing more beyond that. And because of that, it would or could cause some of them think that their life was meaningless and hopeless to have lived and existed since they would inevitably die like everyone else that had ever lived or is still living, or yet to be born. They don't want to accept the emptiness of it all and don't want to despair, as the realization of the inevitability of death can cause those feelings.

    It's because they fear and have fears of death that will cause them to CHOOSE TO believe in something and hang on to something and take chances with it that it will provide them some level of comfort and hope rather than despair about it.

    "The atheistic or nihilistic belief aren't for everyone and for some people it's too harsh. Especially for people who are victims of war, poverty, a medical condition and similar."

    Like you said, the nihilistic view that life or existence was all empty and meaningless is very hard for many to take and accept. But the harshness is the reality of it all. There was never any fairness to begin with in this kind of a world, and there never will be. All simply because no one had been given the option to not be born at all and not come into existence and become involved and part of this world. We're here and exist in this world because simply somebody else WANTED us to be here and because they COULD create us, but then you can also ask, was it NECESSARY at all for what they could and wanted to do?

    And I would think no, there was no NEED and there never was a NEED for anybody to create anybody else since everybody that ever had been brought into existence is subjected to all the harshness, miseries, suffering and cruelty of this kind of a world and reality. Meaning that nothing was ever solved nor can it ever be solved. It's all completely absurd.


    • I agree.
      But really, it's none of my business how people lead their life as long as it doesn't interfere with mine and those, who I care about. Each to their own.

      Keep in mind, that this system is also being abused in order to control people and extract benefits.
      While I don't care much about religion I can't really escape from encountering these.
      I mean if it gives them comfort, purpose and hope, then by all means all power to them, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else.
      Meanwhile atheists can have either their own purpose or none at all, which then doesn't really matter after all.

    • @Unit1 I mean what big difference is it compared to all the other various types and variations of coping mechanisms that exist out there.

      Here's my example of coping mechanism: There's always pain medicine or medication for pain.

      Does it exactly fix the problem? Nope. Not exactly as if it's chronic pain then the pain is going to come back and reoccur over and over again.

      Does it suppress the symptoms? Yep. But that's pretty much what all coping mechanisms do. Suppress the symptoms of those undesired feelings, etc. But it still didn't exactly fix the problem.

      But for some they want religion to be their purpose and guidance. Or for something to follow and provide a purpose to them, but whatever, people are free to choose and believe whatever they want to believe in.

    • Not really much unless you want to live a fulfilling life while enjoying these things, that have not been banned yet by papa government.

  • Agnostic→ theist (almost)

    Some things which made my belief stronger

    "Who created God?" This QUESTIONvasked by people who believe that God has beginning or end

    A story of Bramha and Vishnu fighting each other clearly tells that God has no beginning , no end I. e., no birth , no death

    Creation & destruction are properties of material world, birth and death are characteristics of human life
    People shoulld understand that God is formless and we are puppets in the hands. Of god

  • There is no proof that God exist either. For that matter, there is no proof that IRON MAN didn't exist either! I gotta get myself the Spiderman suit!

    Replace "God" with "Santa Claus". Hmm... Much more interesting article.

    Why don't you believe in your ancestors? I like ancestor worship. Does everything from your #1 to #6 and more!

    #7 they are your family.

    Much better reason than some dude I haven't met.

    • What a weak argument, actually there are tons of facts in the bible and Quran that have prophesied what would be predicted in the future and mankind is in the middle of the destruction which is only going to get worse until Jesus returns to kill a false messiah (anti-Christ). You say God doesn't exist, I say you don't care about reading hundreds of pages of facts and information, you're only going based on an assumption.

    • Show All
    • And mind you the poster on here who provided so much information on God that is spot on, either you didn't care about reading his post or you read it and still didn't believe it and he provided a lot of useful information if you disregard his post why would care about my opinion? You're going to do the same, at the end of the day, I only feel sorry for you for not having strong faith within you and what you do in YOUR life does not affect me, as cocky or rude as that sounds, it's the truth.

    • @thatguyfromtoronto

      Because you have yet to give anything, I mean ANYTHING that can be evidence. You keep throwing out names and fictions and stories. What's wrong with you? You can't even verify those that you thrown out.

      You need proof that is not an opinion, personal feelings, dreams, emotions, and pretty much anything that another person can not verify repeatedly.

      But no. You failed at it and you run out of stories. You keep calling me idiot, ignorant and similar but you are smart enough to know that's irrelevant. Ad hominem. Irrelevant at the topic.

  • Very nice. :)
    I was raised and live in a strongly Christian family. (Not just direct family.) My dad actually became an official doctor of Biblical Research or something a few years ago! My family's not why I believe in Him, though. Simply how I was introduced and continuous support of my faith even since I got it. I believed in Him ever since I could possibly comprehend what He is via the Bible as my parents and church taught me.

  • I think the main reason people believe in God is because the idea of everything coming from nothing with no designer is madness.

  • It is a good take Curious. I don't agree with everything you have posted. But it seems to be an honest attempt. I thank you.

    There is no proven theory on the origin of the universe. There nothing to test especially since String Theory doesn't look like it is going to be the "theory of everything".

  • I was raised in a Christian non denominational household, but around the age of 12 I stopped believing in God. There have been numerous times in my life where I hoped/wished a higher power existed, but in the end I knew deep down there was nothing watching over me. To me, Oblivion seems like the only logical answer that awaits us after we die. We were non existent for an eternity before we were born, so why should it be any different after we're dead. Early humans used Gods to explain the weather, disease, and many other things. We know have the answers to those things, so why should we fill any other gap in science when science gas a proven track record of filling its own voids?

    I'm not trying to convert anyone. Just explaining my beliefs.

  • To be so rudimentary is fascinating to me.

    God must be so dismayed at the simple beasts he created.

  • 3 things... First of all , there isn't any reason or purpose for an atheist , if there isn't a God. Secondly , religion is made up with numerous man-made traditions outside of biblical content which aren't from God. Thirdly , and most important , a absolute true believer... whos salvation has been deemed saved through Christ , will ultimately feel the holy spirit move through them and they will undoubtedly know that a spirit of love has visited them. That's the true believers testament. Unbelievers will never be able to testify this grand moment of truth.

  • Believe me he's there.

  • You sound like you might be a deist

  • the Glory of My Lord Jesus Christ is above the waters
    for he spreads out the sky like glass
    and holds the waters above the firmament
    for they are without

    they see the waters everyday when they look up it shows his power

  • Here's a quicker take.
    People believe in god because they are simple minded and are afraid of what they don't understand.


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