Social Justice Disney and it's Extreme Sexism Against Boys


Disney has flipped it's switch in the last couple years in an attempt to silence the social justice warriors claims of how Disney is "sexist against girls" because 50 years ago they made "Princess in distress" movies.

If you have kids and watch any Disney channel, you will notice a very obvious trend in it's shows as well as it's commercials.

The majority (if not ALL) Disney shows in the last couple years fill every social justice quota, including it's buy out of the Star wars Franchise. (I will get to that later)

Social Justice Disney and it's Extreme Sexism Against Boys

Social Justice Check list:

- The lead character HAS to be a female "hero" who is magically better at everything without actual training or effort.

- The secondary lead has to be a minority of a sort

- The bad guy has to be a white male.

The story lines are also filled with sexist overtones and demeaning "males are stupid" messages.

Disney TV Movies like "Zapped" where a girl has an iPhone app that allows her to control boys (to make them better) and "How to build a better boy" are not only sexist... they are blatant about it.

Social Justice Disney and it's Extreme Sexism Against Boys

No one can imagine the reverse of these without a mass public outcry and campaign against the "sexism of girls". But this is permitted because once again... "Boys don't matter".

Disney "Descendants" Is another example.

The Show line up is just as one sided:

Social Justice Disney and it's Extreme Sexism Against Boys

Ex1: Jessie - Female "hero" nanny who takes care of everything because rich parents are absent and the male butler is a bumbling idiot. Filling the child roles with quota adopted mix, where the white male is a perverted idiot.

Ex2: GIRL meets world - A spin off of the 90's Boy meets world (when shows were allowed to have male leads.) where the female daughter and her female friend deal with life issues which included dealing with a weasel nerdy white kid who loves them both.

Ex3: KC Undercover - A powerful and smart black female spy kid who has to constantly save her idiot brother from getting himself into trouble.

Even the commercials are sexist and yet still push the "Be a princess" nonsense that feminist whined about for eons which essentially proves that they don't actually care about the princess debate, they simply just wanted males to disappear because "equality":

Disney "I am A princess" >

Disney " Dream Big, Princess - Be a Champion >

Social Justice Disney and it's Extreme Sexism Against Boys

Another very commonly played ad on the Disney channel is "Girls rule at Toys "R" Us" which is not a "Disney" ad but is extremely sexist and therefore played at almost every commercial break.

Now the Disney Star Wars buy out brought out a whole new level of sexism... Since the buy out there have been few, if any, ads made which there is a boy or the boy is the lead. Even though BOYS are the main group of interest in this franchise.

"Yes I get that they want to make girls feel they can also like Star Wars, but there is a major difference between inclusion and complete gender swap, excluding the primary group"

Social Justice Disney and it's Extreme Sexism Against Boys

The basic "Strong / Independent" girl lead commercial roles. Having to constantly tell girls they are "strong and independent" because otherwise they won't believe they are good enough is sadly ironic.

The few times they do add males to the ads, they make a huge point to push the "girl power" nonsense, because once again, girls need to be constantly reminded that they are capable and powerful or otherwise they are to fragile and will slip into depression and eating disorders. SMH.

Social Justice Disney and it's Extreme Sexism Against Boys
Social Justice Disney and it's Extreme Sexism Against Boys

Disney has lost it's mind and it's common sense by being yet another of the many sheep to fall for the social justice nonsense.

* That's my two cents. *

Social Justice Disney and it's Extreme Sexism Against Boys
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  • TuMeManques
    Actually I completely agree with this. It's bothered me for sometime that there aren't any guys in the leads. Why can't the them be "lets work together?"

    But it isn't just Disney, a whole slue of shows and commercials potrays the men as bumbling idiots.
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    Is this still revelant?
    • Very true. There are few if any commercials which don't show men as completely useless and the women a hero who has to save his useless ass. As well as a large portion of tv shows.

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  • ColinHarvey
    Boys don't move products. We are dealing with female marketers and female housewife buyers, and we on are statistically more likely to be motivated to purchase products based on advertising because they more emotionally swayed by advertising. This has nothing to do with men, it's just (((Disney))) and hasbro trying to sell product.
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    • I agree on some level. I do believe there is some bias as well since they used to have males in things.

    • Women are the primary consumers in almost everythig and anything. It has been proven that women are indeed more susceptible to trends, fads, publicity, etc... This guy has a good point here.

  • Waffles731
    I don't know who goes around looking for imaginary things to be offended by and complain about, SJW's or Anti-SJW's
    I wrote a mytake that I feel would be appropriate
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    • This answer would be relevant if what I posted was "imaginary"... but as you may not have noticed, there is an obvious bias. So thanks for playing... Better luck next time.

  • lualesca
    There are a couple of articles about this very topic, ere is one of them.
    Written by Mark Mason on his website.

    What's exposed on this My Take is actually true, we are in an era where females are portrayed strong, while men are portrayed weak, or stupid in movies.
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Maybe that's why other studios won't go near me... my brand just does whatever it feels like, SJW's opinions be damned.

    Sure, I have female leads in some things... but they aren't goddesses that are obsessed with proving they don't need men. In fact, most of them are strong believers in Complementarianism. And while some of them can function just fine without a man, they will become attached to one anyway - and visit Hell on anyone who gets between them and the man they want.

    That doesn't mean I make the men always suck either. Or even that all pairings of man and woman are romantic couples, for that matter.

    - While Candi is much more developed than Donte in the Gerosha Chronicles, Donte is shown accomplishing plenty of feats on his own just fine without her. He's shown to be way more powerful, even if he lacks her depths of personality. Still, they rarely allow anything to come between them without consequence.

    - Hea Pang is way less powerful than the Gray Champion and way less deadly. And she's more like a granddaughter to him than a romantic lead. Even so, she fulfills a niche in his life that he himself cannot fulfill alone. And while she is dependent on him for protection, she values the niche she fulfills. To the point of numerous times turning down chances to become more powerful. She knows her place as his loyal friend, even if some would call her a "servant." She's content with being a sidekick. Yet, is proven pretty competent on her own.

    - I have a few black villains, and an awful lot of Hispanic villains. Spoliat and Lava Tigre, to name just two. I don't care what SJWs think of that.

    - Girls who don't need men to get out of traditional jams, tend to get themselves into even bigger / stranger ones that neither they nor their men are much use against.

    -Women tend to get captured / arrested a lot more frequently and frivolously. Yet, if it ever does happen to a man, the danger he is in is often much more serious.

    - Women tend to get schizophrenia or similar much more easily, but men get hit with depression harder - and often more justifiably. Because the universe is meaner to them.

    - Neither is flawless, and neither is useless. Just... differently flawed, and differently useful.
  • AllAboutTheX
    Funny I was just talking to my boyfriend about the star wars commercials the other day.
    I said it was funny how I never see boys in the star wars commercials since boys are their target audience. Since girls generally don't care for star wars the way that boys do.
    It just seems like another attempt to force girls to become interested in something boys like because they assume girls just are not interested because of "sexism".. Like they do with STEM fields.

    Good Take. Interesting observation.
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  • chigurl33
    Yeah that's why I don't watch Disney anymore... how to build a better boy was just an insult to my intelligence and I didn't even bother with zapped when I saw the commercial. I have brothers and male loved ones people... you can't feed me that bullshit.
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  • John_Doesnt
    I can't believe you actually watch Disney channel. It sucks, so just watch something else like Spike TV or Comedy Central.
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  • Jamesol1
    I see this everywhere. SJW culture is being ingrained as the norm into the media. People wonder why Donald Trump were elected... yeah that's part of the reason.
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  • Blitzkrieger
    it is a social conditioning experiment but one aspect has been overlooked. pavlovs dogs were conditioned by him to salivate on the ringing of a bell. the aspect in the conditioning theory that has been overlooked is a biological factor. domesticated dogs as we know them have not had a process of natural selection for nearly 100.000 years. because wild dogs have been domesticated by early humans and bred by humans to become more obedient to humans. 100.000 years of eugenics have made dogs obedient to humans, they have been bred for it. so the conditioning theory is vastly overblown. of course dogs can be manipulated easily they have been bred for it, our entire species has never been subjected to a eugenics program and most certainly not one that lasted 100.000 years. this means that the human mind is not nearly as conditionable as the mind of a domesticated dog.

    using media and especially film has been used as social conditioning tool since the 1930's by the Nazis as well as by the allied forces. it is not open for debate. IT IS a social conditioning program as is all advertisement and all commercials. the only and absolute difference is that instead of using media to promote a product this time it is promoting gender identities for girls.

  • Dred1614returns
    The anti-SJW crowd is almost as bad as SJW's. They just keep looking for things to be offended by.
    Say what you will, but I still like Star Wars.
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    • Not "looking" bud... When your 6 year old son asks why there are no boys on starwars commercials... You take notice.

    • As long as there aren't fags running around on TV, I won't cause a stink.

    • PT1911

      ^comment of the year

  • Hihikinn
    okay lets remove them and watch sexist Disney movies toward women like we always have.
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    • Old Disney movies weren't sexist... they were based on old folk legends.
      and why does the pendulum have to swing FFS... there is an equal ground. It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

    • Hihikinn

      Lol i wonder how OLD folk legends have no sexism in their stories

    • Never said the stories didn't have "sexism"... just that it wasn't Disney.

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  • PT1911
    The diverse, female led team of rebels stealing the death star plans were in deep shit until the straight, white, cis gendered males saved their asses via close air support. Whoops, spoiler for rogue one

  • TheInvisibleMan
    You are right. Especially with Star Wars. Mix feminist bullshit with a bad copy of A New Hope and you get The Force Awakens
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  • Jager66
    I've been thinking this for years, I'm so glad someone said something. Fantastic MyTake!!!
  • helloitsmethere
    You are literally overthinking this..
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    • Yes, just like every fabricated female issue that feminism likes to pretend is real.

  • Kiran04
    Disney is all shit now. Just stop watching it.