Is your generation REALLY different from the preceding generations?

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Is your generation REALLY different from the preceding generations?

When I was young, I thought that my parents were stupid and simplistic. I thought older people had a childlike view of life and that most of them had no awareness of world events. I was certain that I - and others of my generation - knew much more than my elders and I "knew" that the world would be a much better place if only all the old folks would abdicate their positions of responsibility and be replaced by young people like me.

Of course, each generation has its own slang and lingo, its own styles and fashions, its own icons and heroes, its new and improved technology. Each generation has a vague notion that, somehow, preceding generations did manage to reproduce, but OUR generation is the one that really discovered sex! All of these differences made us . . . different . . . and since I preferred my generations slang, lingo, fashions, etc., we had made better choices, so we must be smarter, cooler, more hip, etc. We were "groovy like a foreign movie" so we had to be better . . . right?

As I got older, I got a different perspective on the generations. I realized that the differences didn't make my generation better; they only made us different. Having your hair dyed green is not inherently better than having your hair cut in a mullet or a crew cut.

Is your generation REALLY different from the preceding generations?

Technology may have given us new ways to communicate, but previous generations had communicated effectively. It may not sound cool to say "23 skidoo" anymore, but in 2066, people will probably think it is odd to say "Let's do Netflix and chill!" In 10-20 years, your current fashions may look quite silly. All of the things that you think are so wonderful will probably not stand the test of time any better than did all of the really cool things that me generation had, like leisure suits and ridiculous hair.

Is your generation REALLY different from the preceding generations?

Is your generation REALLY different from the preceding generations?

As I got older, I realized that my elders were not stupid and that it was my own self-centeredness and lack of perspective that led me to judge them so harshly. Eventually, those old folks were not stupid at all! I also realized that, as it comes of age, each generation discovers the world and struggles to assert its position and power. Young people always think they know more than older people; it is simply a part of the maturing process. Each generation repeats the same process!

The earlier you recognize these truths, the sooner you will actually receive respect and be asked to assume a position of responsibility. There is nothing demeaning or debasing about acknowledging the wisdom of elders and learning from the wisdom they try to impart, but . . . rebelliousness is a feature of our younger years and EVERY generation struggles with this idea.

Is your generation REALLY different from the preceding generations?

Is your generation THAT different? Do you think that your generation will break from this pattern and develop truly revolutionary ideas, that you will produce leaders who are qualitatively different from those of preceding generations?

Is your generation REALLY different from the preceding generations?
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  • miamigirl1970
    OH what a GREAT Question. I completed an entire research paper on this topic because for the first time there are four active generations in the work force, and the communication is completely different. Styles are different and expectations are different.

    Here is why:

    • iGen, Gen Z or Centennials: Born 1996 and later
    • Millennials or Gen Y: Born 1977 to 1995
    • Generation X: Born 1965 to 1976
    • Baby Boomers: Born 1946 to 1964
    • Traditionalists or Silent Generation: Born 1945 and before

    Traditionalists- Key Word- Loyal
    Traditionalists (61+)

    Value Logic and Discipline

    Don’t Like Change

    Want to Build a Legacy

    Boomers- Key Word - Optimistic
    “Me” Generation

    Money, Title, Recognition

    Want to Build A Stellar Career

    My Generations X- Skeptics- we are the step children: YES THERE ARE DIFFERENCES
    Possibly Most Misunderstood

    Need a Balance Between Work
    and Life-Freedom

    Flexible and Motivated

    Want to Build a Portable Career

    Gen Y is sometimes known as the Peter Pan Generation because childhood was so good to them that they have a tendency to delay adulthood. But when they do come of age, Heroes earn their name. They are more orthodox in their approach than Nomads and as policy-makers they may be downright conventional, but they are united by a deep-seated idealism and desire to save the world. Looking at something like climate change or global recession, a Millennial won't blame the past but look forward to the solutions of the future.
    The three key trends that shape generations are parenting, technology and economics. For example, many Baby Boomers have the parenting philosophy, “We want it to be easier for our kids than it was for us.” This philosophy in turn helped create and reinforce Millennials’ sense of entitlement, which is now a hotly debated topic.

    Gen Y is sometimes known as the Peter Pan Generation because childhood was so good to them that they have a tendency to delay adulthood. But when they do come of age, Heroes earn their name. They are more orthodox in their approach than Nomads and as policy-makers they may be downright conventional, but they are united by a deep-seated idealism and desire to save the world. Looking at something like climate change or global recession, a Millennial won't blame the past but look forward to the solutions of the future.

    generations are not a box; instead, they are powerful clues showing where to begin connecting with and influencing people of different ages.
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  • likitb4istickit
    I'm so dammed old my generation wasn't much of a change from the previous 10 generations, ignoring advances in technology. Really generational changes didn't start accelerating enough to be noticeable from 1 to the next until the 20th century when we started communicating at the speed of light, rather than Pony Express (that sometimes took 4 months for a send/reply).
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    On the contrary, I am actually more afraid of what is going to happen when people your age start dropping like flies and my generation comes to assert its power. Because let's face it, Generation X was a bunch of underachievers. It was the middle child generation. They are not going to have any influence in politics, culture, or power. After you Boomers die out, the mantle is going straight to my generation. And this is something that terrifies me to my core.

    My generation is not yet ready for such power and responsibility,

    Frankly, I do not think that we will EVER be ready. Just look at how susceptible my generation is to political correctness, appeals to emotion, and opinions parroted as fact on social media. We are completely incapable of logical discourse, divorcing our emotions from our reasoning, and affirming an opinion even when it is politically incorrect. The few exceptions such as yours truly - basically the few conservative Millennials who have not drank the Kool Aid - are too few in number to balance out all of the insanity that is going to come from our generation.

    We are statistically insignificant. Even if everyone of us ascended to an important position of power like Supreme Court justice, college professor, or even the presidency, we are going to be fighting an uphill battle at best. Quite simply, your generation has screwed my generation up so much with leftist propaganda via the University system that I do not believe there is any hope for us.
    • I take no responsibility for the leftists. I have been fighting them for 30+ years.

  • SovereignessofVamps
    I think older people can be stupid. How can you pay your rent and mortgage for years on end, and then sign for a FAFSA parent plus loan that gives you 100K in debt or even more? They ruined their finances and their kids' finances and futures.
    • And older people only say the younger generations are lazy, because they're the ones who hurt the economy so much! They had an easy job market, and college was cheap too. They took it all for granted, now people my age with degrees or even master degrees can't get minimum wage jobs let alone careers.

    • So why am I worth 8 figures, and you aren't?

      And if you don't want the debt of a school loan, then go to a different school, or none at all.

    • If you can't get a minimum wage job with a master's degree, why did you invest so much money in getting a master's degree?

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  • PT1911
    Every generation has its own brand of rebels.

    Whats makes it seem so apparent now, is social media.

    And you can't deny that there is a... weakening of fortitude amongst today's generation. My parents had it tough coming from a communist nation, but never once did they say I was lazy, have it all etc. They said "its our duty to provide you with the footing to be successful"

    I've had a bit of a stumble recently, but I'm working it out. At the same time though, I wasn't raised on participation trophies. My parents were lovingly tough.

    So yeah, each generation will have its rebels, social media just happens to add extra drama to that.

    Also, yeah, cost of living changes. Blame government loans for making universities way more expensive though. AS soon as they found out the government would be giving loans out to pretty much everyone for school, their eyes went wide with greed and went from non profit to for profit, also teaching useless classes to justify their high tuition costs.
  • Waffles731
    I wrote a take on why people need to stop saying millennials are lazy and it actually points out that a lot of things that were obtainable fairly easily are now extremely expensive and it might be why this generation actually is different
    • I responded to your myTake.

      "People need to stop saying millennials are lazy." Why do people NEED to stop saying that? Mistake of youthful perspective: you want something from others, so you say that other people "need" to do whatever it is.

    • Waffles731

      Because, the fact is this, when the economy is like this, when college is this expensive, when rent is this bad, none of these things are our fault, they actually are the fault of older people because they've created the problem in the first place, if they hadn't I wouldn't say this.
      -“The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.”

    • Waffles731

      But if we have to deal with the awful situation that someone else created, we aren't at all being unreasonable

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  • NyomiMcClinton
    I think this generation is a bit more advanced than previous generations than before due to modern technology. But I feel this generation is a bit more selfish and its more a "give me, I want it now" generation. Previous generations seemed more social to each other and willing to help each other. I think things have changed but its all in what you make it out of it. I dont sit around comparing the two because life still goes on.
  • dipta
    I feel old though.
    But I will say many parents don't actually parent and teach respect, then kids not only think their parents are old fashion, but also dumb as a brick and just use them financially. Going back home for Christmas? So lame and a waste of time! Only if they beg to see the grandchildren...

    I will stop now. Being a good parent - whatever that is - doesn't seem easy either. That has also changed with time.
  • gobsmacked3
    The more i live, the more I embrace this epic line from The Who

    ' I hope I die before I get old...'
    I struggle with how skewed reality has become with its basis, communication being so distorted. The Social Age has ushered in an unwanted irony with the rise of an Anti Social generation. One that struggles to communicate in a traditional sense and with this coping mechanism are diminished as well as the ability to express. Everything is absolute, you never get people say they are 'sad', or 'torn', or 'confused etc etc etc'- instantly they exalt they are 'depressed. In doing this it allows exploitation and control.

    The other aspect, more insidious, Orwellian is we no longer have privacy with us constantly tracked. Voluntarily permitting this with our embrace of trendy gadgets that we live vicariously through

    i will leave you with another Who classic
    • "' I hope I die before I get old...' " Roger Daltrey is now 72 years old. Pete Townshend is 71 years old. John Entwistle died at age 57 from a cocaine overdose. Keith Moon died at age 32 of an overdose. Young people sometimes say I want to die before I get old, but very few people choose suicide simply because they are getting older.

    • you misunderstand, never suicide- too proud

      Just hope I never live to get to a stage where I rely on this upcoming generation, or see them as the ruling class

    • dipta

      You forgot the fact that depression and anxiety are always someone else's fault and someone owes them some solution.

  • LittleSally
    Oh, I'm positive that most of the newer generation that's coming is lazy badly raised and rude... That speaks a lot about their parents too...
  • oddwaffle
    This generation seems to fall off and die without their smart phones.

    I think that's the major difference.
  • youtoo
    Well, I think it's odd when people say "let's do Netflix and chill" right now, actually
  • BertMacklinFBI
    social media and technology has a lot to do with it, so I'd say yes based on that one factor.
  • rjroy3
    I'm just impressed that girl was able to get such a good shade of green for her hair lol.
  • DaddyRollingStone
    I don't exactly like the older generations, specifically the Baby Boomers but as a Millennial I can't really say we have a lot going for us either.

    I'm not a pessimist in any way but it just seems so.. fucked, for now
  • Cusco_Othriyas
    Yea but older generations today seem to forget that shit changes and expect you to do things in ways that no longer work
  • Unit1
    I know... kind of. I figured it and I knew it.

    I never thought unique styles were weird. Sure, some specific styles may appear ugly to me but I never judged anyone for it and I never will.

    Only thing, I think the "netflix and chill" is already weird and stupid and so are the memes too!

    But let's face what generation we have right now: Plenty of single mothers, uncontrolled birthrates and teen pregnancies, struggling teenagers, drugs and STD spreads, outlawing abortions, skyrocketed divorces rates and smartphone-zombies. If you ask me, this generation has failed.

    While I am "part" of the generation, I did nothing to influence this nor did I participated in these as I hold no power over the mass population.
  • ChromAzonyx108
    I think there will always be some disconnect between older and younger generations.
  • danii_024
    Political correctness will be the downfall and great failures of my generation
  • TheGOM
    Other than the fact that Boomers had an economy to kill and late gen Xers and older millennials never will have an economy to rebuild and create a life for ourselves... Well I mean there really isn't much more to asses than the fact that the greed of our elders and our reliance on them leaving us money in their wills is our only potential path to success.

    For the first time in history we have a generation that is dumber than our parents that will not live as long as our parents and we've reverted to a society of hourly wage slaves that can't even truly afford to live.

    Generations are vastly different from each other, but ironically they are different from each other in the same ways that each generation is different from each other. One generation gets greedy, fucks the economy, it takes 2 generations to fix it, the next generation repeats the cycle. It has happened, it will happen again.
  • sedrftvgyhujik
    Yes we grew up with easy to use tec and for most of us a lot less religion and superstition.
  • Blueeyes81
    The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

    I have a "nothing new under the sun" view on the different generations. I however contend that the first paragraph typically lends itself through youth. Many of the changes we take for granted today stemmed from the "rebellious" youth of previous generations and it will continue on this way into the future. There is a lot of wisdom in our elders and there is also a lot of stuck in our ways as well.

  • skeptic002
    each generation is get worse and dumber
  • carmeth
    no but you're an old man.
    • Which means. . . what?

    • carmeth

      that old men have to behave in a given way.

    • 1. I'm not sure how your statement relates to my post.

      2. I am beyond caring what other people think about my behavior (outside of keeping my behavior within the bounds of the law) and I do pretty much whatever I want. I think most people my age feel the same way, so I believe that your assumption is wrong.

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  • Anonymous
    definitely. Every generation falls in this trap. As every generation when it gets older falls in the trap of idealising their own era and looking at it with pink goggles... .
    • In my generation, it was "rose colored glasses." :)

    • Anonymous

      you know. the classic phrase. "ah kids today do this and that.. while in my time... blah blah."

  • Anonymous
    To save ourselves from learning the same freakin' thing with every generation, I believe that we should respect our elders and take their advice, even if we think that they are wrong at the moment. You never know...
  • Anonymous
    Studies actually show the attention span of current generation has decreased compared to previous generation.

    In addition to this break down of moral, values, and family unit has seeped into relationship with everyday people and now many people have a selfish nature of looking out for themselves and to hell with everybody else rather than community spirit.

    Factor in instant gratification and quick delivery for most of our needs and we have a generation who once something is broken they move on quickly. This shows rather true in marriage/relationship where people would rather divorce at first sign of trouble than fix their problems.

    • Pink934

      Glad someone on this site has sense :) anyone who thinks we're a smarter generation? Is well and truly, a total moron.

    • @Pink934 read my post on here, and look @ the guy's comments I'm arguing with.

  • Anonymous
    good take
  • Anonymous
    The generation of 60's was liberal in comparison to their parents, as were those in the 80's, and now the current youth are also very liberal