Alabama Castration Law

Alabama state flag
Alabama state flag

So Alabama has passed a new law forcing those who have sexually assaulted a child under 13 to take pills to be chemically castrated. This applies to only those on parole though so if they are in jail they won't be castrated. From my sense the vast majority of people support the bill but I feel upset seeing that support because i find people supporting it to be blind to the consequences of doing this. Here is why.

The 8th amendment protects all citizens from cruel and unusual punishment as well as excessive fines. The castration law clearly breaks the amendment due to 1. The pedos have to pay for the pills which I dont know for sure but I think costs a lot 2. Castration is absolutely an unusual punishment.

So now that we have all just accepted a clear violation of the constitution what doors does this open. It's so frustrating to see the same people who will fight to the death for the 2nd amendment just roll over and say well it's a pedo so forget the 8th. We can't throw the system of government we have out the window because we want to punish a group, a terrible group pedos are but still it's a hit to the country.

Today it could be taking away a pedophiles right and that might be fine to some but the next day it could be taking away a immigrants and the next a drug offenders and the next yours. If you subscribe to believing in the framework of our government and the guidelines of the constitution you can't support this bill.

By the way I am not trying to justify sexual assaulting kids.

Alabama Castration Law
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  • OlderAndWiser

    1. The cost can be up to $1,000 per month and the law does require the perpetrators to pay for the cost. However, if a judgment of a court requires a defendant to pay a fine, restitution, etc. and they lack the ability to pay, the defendant cannot be held in contempt of court. I would expect that the state of Alabama would pay for the treatment if the defendant cannot afford it.

    2. Pedophilia is treated as both a crime and a mental illness. There are also laws which authorize a child rapist to be confined to a mental institution after they complete their criminal sentence.

    3. Pedophilia has the highest rate of recidivism of any crime. Much higher.

    4. If chemical castration makes it safer to release these defendants back into the general population, it should lead to shorter prison sentences for the defendants.

    5. The fact that YOU think it is cruel punishment is far from determinative of the issue. The fact that I think it is not cruel punishment is far from determinative of the issue. That is obviously a judgment call and the final arbiter of that matter is the US Supreme Court. Until they speak, you cannot conclude that this is a clear violation of he Eighth Amendment.

    6. This is an "unusual" punishment in the sense that it is new and has not been used previously, unlike punishments like the death penalty. However, this was not available for consideration 50 or 100 or 200 years ago, so of course it has not been used before. The Constitution does not forbid the criminal law from changing based on advances in medicine or technology. When death by legal injection was first adopted, it, too, was unusual because it had not been used previously, but it was judged in the context if which it was being adopted: it was considered to be a more humane means of imposing a death penalty.

    Which is more humane: using chemical castration and imposing shorter prison sentences, or not using it and imposing longer prison sentences?

    • . Pedophilia is treated as both a crime and a mental illness.
      See once you molest a kid, you become subhuman in my eyes.
      They should be executed

    • @Waffles731 I understand, but the Constitution is interpreted to prohibit the death penalty in any case that did not result in the death of another person.

  • Hurdleez-Swampede

    They became the 6th state to adopt that law. It may be cruel and unusual but once you mess with children, the United States doesn't care and this only applies to people on probation for molesting a child under 13. If a man or woman gets a 30 year prison sentence and is already old, he or she doesn't have to take the pills.

    What if the pills caused health problems. They would have to be cleared by a doctor to make sure the pills are safe for their health also. It doesn't matter much as it is rarely used anyways.

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  • Mädchen

    I don't think this is cruel at all. They are just taking a pill. It's not like someone will cut their penis of. They'll just have a lower sexual drive. And it doesn't last forever. If they stop using the pills everything will go back to normal

    • If they stop taking the pills, they violate their probation.

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    • rpgeek

      Ok but now you change no minds and lose because you fail to make your point. Say you are a politician running with a specific issue on your platform, the issue is common sense but no one understands it so they dont agree. You have to go out there and talk about it and get your point across so they can see it from a different perspective. You aren't going to change minds by calling people stupid and wrong.

    • Mmm hmm, and usually you'd be right. But this isn't arguing about how to spend tax money or whether or not Armistice Day should be a national holiday or something. It's arguing about whether chemically castrating someone is okay. There is no defending that. If you do, you're a moron, and you're wrong. You don't argue with the flat-Earther or the anti-vaxxer. You simply let them know that they're wrong and you move on.

  • Izumiblu

    We haven’t “all just accepted” that chemical castration is cruel and unusual punishment

    I don’t consider it punishment at all. It’s a very effective medical therapy.

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  • young_old_soul

    Good for Alabama. I'm all in favor of pedophiles being hanged. Castration of them is definitely a move in the right direction. What really is cruel and unusual punishment is for their victims to continue to live in fear knowing their assailant was merely slapped on the wrist and turned back onto society. Make pedophiles afraid again.

  • acooke-13

    This is brilliant. If men are against us having abortions they can be castrated, I like this idea. Tit for fucking, up yours male species!

    • The bill applies for both genders, femalr child molesters could well be subject to FGM

  • Kas19

    Imagine complaining about pedos being castrated. Couldn't be me.

    Anyway, Idek if Alabama would take this into affect. They're too busy giving rapists custody of children.

  • JustWorthlessMe

    So Alabama decided to treat pedophiles close to the same way they treat minorities? Will wonders never cease?

    Good for them

    • My suggestion is that a convicted child molester (rapist) should have to spend 10 minutes in a room with the child's family... then go to prison, if alive.

  • Dargil

    Which is less unusual? Chemical castration or chemical execution? I would support execution of a child (forceable) rapist. I think the law should consider that as aggravated so lesser forms escape it.

  • PrettyRegular

    It's ok if they only eat those pills during their parole. When they have served it, they stop taking those pills and everything goes back to normal. Locking people in prisons is more cruel, than taking their sexdrive for a while.

    • Breast growth, weakening of the bone structure, erosion of the voice, increase in breast and prostate cancer and weight gain as well as emotional imbalances are potential effects of chemical castration, do you think thats cruel or not?

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    • @esotericstory you're the one defending Pedophiles from having to take medication that will reduce the chances of them molesting more kids, so if I'm deranged then you must be on a whole other level of batshit

    • @Waffles731 Just because a pedophile has no sex drive doesn't mean he is no longer gonna molest children. This false perception comes from the idea that pedophiles molest children for their own pleasure, as opposed to them thinking they can provide the child with pleasure, which of course, does not require them to have an erection nor a sex drive.

  • Ámayas_20

    It's a wonderful idea, it's not cruel or unusual whatsoever.

  • John_Doesnt

    Alabama is a fucked up state. Almost as bad a Mississippi or Florida.
    Alabama Castration Law

  • Melshmallow046

    I don't think it breaks any amendments, and it sounds like a good idea.

  • Shutupman

    If forcing a woman to continue a pregnancy is fine so should this. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad

    I don't support people who commits crimes but breaking
    Amendments is too much and something should be done
    I kind of figure legal castration would someday become a
    legal law

  • Levin

    What are you defining as cruel and unusual punishment? Couldn't the death penalty in general come under that category?

    • rpgeek

      It could but it is usual and has been done forever. I dont like it because I dont think the government has the moral authority to kill someone. Castration is definitely unusual and depriving someone of any sexual feeling and the inability to use their penis is kind of cruel

    • Levin

      I'd agree, but most would argue that paedos are fair game. You're right about the moral authority.

      The problem is, if you react to evil with (albeit less) evil, then you're still doing evil deeds. That might not be what people want to hear, they want retribution, but that's where I am. For a man to knowingly and calculatingly to kindle evil in his heart, even if it's in the name of righteous retribution, is still evil doing.

    • "the inability to use their penis is kind of cruel"
      They used their penis to molest children.
      Cruel is what they did and what this punishment is not

  • Thatsamazing

    Uh... how about a link to a journalistic source that proves that the Alabama legislature has indeed done what you are saying they did. Duh.

  • esotericstory

    I see this is as female preferential treatment by the law. I can not accept that.

  • Waffles731

    Wow, Alabama does something right for a change.
    Credit where credit is due

  • Deathraider

    It is quite cruel and unusual. That one of the amendment that doesn’t get enough recognition.

  • TallMaria90

    Hey I’m fine with that. I went to PSU when the it hit the fan.

  • Pink2000

    Bout time they did something productive

  • Good take

  • Anonymous

    so do the drugs like cause their dicks and balls to disintegrate and fall the fuck off?

  • Anonymous

    It doesn't. The chemical TEMPORARILY lowers their sexdrive for about a month after leaving prison. It's not castration. Not even close. The law is stupid though

  • Anonymous

    I’ve spent a lot of time in Alabama for work, having sex before marriage in most of rural Alabama will make you seen as the devil. People protest porn, the “liberal” media, and planned parenthood. Anything besides asexuality isn’t socially acceptable really, so you can imagine how they would feel about sexual assault.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how this will stand-up to 8th Amendment challenges on the basis of cruel and unusual punishment.

    If someone is temporarily on probation / parole / Meghan's Law, and has permanent disorders from this (as it can apparently cause), could they be considered excessively punished?