What Harvey Weinstein's Case Means for Every Other Woman

Harvey Weinstein Case
Harvey Weinstein Case

The outcome of Harvey Weinstein's case is supposed to be a victory for women in particular who have long since quietly rallied against what for many young and old, has been the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and rape in the office and outside of work that has been allowed to continue because "it was just the way things are done," or "it was no big deal," or "no one will believe you," or "it was the way you were dressed or what you were drinking" or let it go, or it's your career at risk."

To be clear, getting anyone like Weinstein locked away for his crimes IS a victory for both women and men alike, but does this push the needle forward for those women who are neither white, rich, work a white collar job, or have citizenship? Sadly, I don't think it has as much as people would like you to believe it has. We have seen through this case how incredibly difficult it has been even if a woman is all of those things to have her voice be heard in the best of circumstances, but what of, well, every other woman?

A lot of the women in this case and others are and were told it's their fault for not speaking up or speaking up sooner when looking around at how the victims in this case were often treated like criminals themselves for coming forward, and hounded and harassed, it should be crystal clear why more women in these same unfortunate situations decide not to say anything.

What Harvey Weinsteins Case Means for Every Other Woman

What if you can't afford a lawyer, or you don't have an HR, or you don't have papers, or you work in an office where no one looks like you, or you are a rookie in your job trying to move up the ladder? There is far more that goes into reporting someone than just, it happened, you go to someone, tell them, and things are set in motion. I mean how many of the kids in the Catholic church scandal told someone only to not be believed and their abusers then went on abusing sometimes for decades? Just reporting doesn't automatically lead to an arrest or a firing.

What Harvey Weinsteins Case Means for Every Other Woman

As much as MeToo has done to highlight how deep of an issue this is for women, and gotten a lot more to speak out at great risk to themselves, their careers, and their families, it hasn't solved everything as some people would have you believe. It hasn't allowed women to just all of a sudden be all powerful and sweep through their lives ridding every bad seed out of their jobs and communities. If a woman has to chose between a paycheck that feeds her family and buys medications and reporting her boss, she may still suffer the abuses at a job because there isn't anywhere to go or to turn to for help. Some women are still being threatened with deportation for saying anything. Women of color may have extraordinarily hard times getting anyone to come forward with them or believe them if they work in offices where they are an only. Young women just starting out don't want to see their career opportunities dry up if they report someone powerful, they aren't believed, and are fired and black listed from future employment.

What Harvey Weinsteins Case Means for Every Other Woman

Weinstein's case puts a small dent in this huge bolder of an issue for women and some men. What it and MeToo have done is to give women a platform to talk to one another about these issues more freely and to create change in many offices, schools, and organizations who may have once had lackluster reporting policies and it has brought these issues to the national and international forefront. This however is not a one size fits all solution as it has in no way solved it all for every other woman who still feels like because of who she is, or where she works, or her age, or lack of citizenship, or her lack of money, or her race, can't actually afford to report or doesn't have the ability to do so. All is not right with the world yet. There is still a lot of work that must be done and continuously kept up with to prevent these situations from happening to their daughters in the future and to provide a unique approach for the vast number of women marginalized by the systems and men they've become victim to.

What Harvey Weinstein's Case Means for Every Other Woman
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  • Flamesofcinder
    See I disagree this isn’t a win for women at all this is a win for those that were abused and yes official statics say every woman gets harassed at least once in her lifetime twice is unlikely and three times is unheard off and with sexual abuse well once is unlikely but can happen, twice is unheard off and three times means you’re psychologically looking for it weather it is consciously or subconsciously because it is what you know and this is all part off the abuse having my older brother and mum both been through it, it always leads too mental health problems however I don’t agree with people like you who will use someone else’s borrowing experience too play the victim well as a trans woman 15% off the population is LGBTQI+ and 5% off that is trans and trans women are more common than trans men, and 75% off trans women experience sexual assault does this mean I need too throw myself down on too the floor and piggy back on the trans women that got raped by two women in the women’s bathroom? And claim a trans bathroom need too exist because ALL cis women pose a threat too ALL trans women?
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    • Anonymous

      I'm not sure I follow here as you're a bit all over the place with this, but you're saying this isn't a win for women because of what exactly?

  • Daniela1982
    Funny how it didn't bother them more than fame while he was helping them become famous, but now 20 years later they complain after prostituting themselves out for fame and fortune. A lot of them know they would be working at Walmart had it not been for him. At the time their virtue was not more important than their success in the movie industry. Yes, he did wrong, but they accepted it then as a means to get ahead so why do they all jump on the band wagon now that they are worth millions?What Harvey Weinstein's Case Means for Every Other Woman
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    • The two Ho's who downvoted me, when others agree with me, must be ones who Weinstein didn't help become stars and who now work at Walmart. ha ha

    • He is disgusting but you're right-- most of these women chose to allow it because he had to power to advance their careers. Sick all around.

    • kim45456

      Then by your logic chef can trade job for sex. So you would starve if you can't make money

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous
    What happened as a result of the case is all fine and good. I am glad to see those who have been proven guilty of such acts get punished and I am willing to admit that it might have not happened if it weren’t for metoo.

    My issue with this is that it can easily be exploited and weaponized since the court of public opinion isn’t as skeptical as the courts of law. The very fact that someone has been accused of something like this can make them lose everything jobs, education, homes etc. so that’s why should be at least some safety nets in place for false accusations.

    It wasn’t put there because of #believewomen where any woman’s judgement on the matter is such an atrocity. This belief is taken so seriously by the fringe woke elite, that they want to do away with the presumption of innocence in the courts of law unaware of the massive damage that will cause.

    The Wienstien case was a success’s day I am glad it is but metoo overall still has an overwhelmingly a net negative result in my opinion.
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    • Anonymous

      Here is the ugly truth: people are falsely accused of crimes even outside of rape/harassment EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, but we haven't shut down our justice system because of it because there are far more who go to court and are proved innocent or guilty accordingly and that has nothing to do with MeToo or BelieveWomen. There is NO mainstream or fringe socio-political movement on earth that does not have it's extremists, but I think there too is a tendency to lean on say ten cases of false accusations out of 100 as a means to say a movement should be shut down or it isn't helping anyone which only helps to exacerbate the problem. Also keep in mind, what you mention is a two way street. There is nothing one can do to stop the court of public opinion for both alleged victims and alleged harassers but the court of public opinion is not a set of jurors. All of this is a tricky landscape to navigate but we cannot be dismissive of the whole because of a few. There is and will always be a danger in that and as you justifiably mention, the weaponization of this movement by some towards the innocent.

      My question to you would be what type of fail safes would you put in place?

    • Anonymous

      The best thing I suggest is to completely do away with the “believe women no matter what the evidence says” mentality and I believe you could win even the most staunch critics.

      Ironically, all it does is make the credibility of the accusations much worse than they claim it is in the first place. If anything, it implies that they have something to hide if they don’t want the courts to analyze what really happened so that they are able to conduct a fair trial. It almost sounds a tacit confession that they want to continue making false accusations and get away with it.

      Everyone deserves a fair trial because regardless of how rare a false accusation is, those who are falsely accused has an expectation of justice. To argue otherwise is to say that you would rather send innocent people to rot in prison (leaving less room for actual rapists might I add) if it means that fewer rapist would get away and I really hope you don’t believe that.

      Getting rid of this mentality will help others realize to withhold judgement of either side of the issue until the evidence or verdict has been revealed. But I know that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

    • hello7953

      Yeah that makes sense man

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  • Anonymous
    Now thanks to men trying to be men (perusing women, created to like women, not apologizing for it) this has taken a life of its own... workplaces have zero tolerance policies now. If you thought 9-5 was boring take away any fun and this is what you get. Now though you had better not speak/look be alone in any situation with a woman. God help you if you get on an elevator dont breathe, talk stand there and look straight ahead being a robot in silence or what about holding the door as we walk in together. I guess now I'm supposed to let the door slam in your face... These alllegations made it this way and really in my opinion i dont think lawmakers or company policy should be controlling what nature does. Thats one thing the shouldn't be doing putting restrictions on that? Who really has thst right anyway?
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    • Anonymous

      I worked in an office as a manager long before MeToo and this case and we had strict policies in place that clearly dictated what was going too far in the office, and not one guy, all of whom were in their 20's, felt strangled by said policies because they were good guys who treated myself and their female office mates with respect and never crossed lines for the most part. This intense over exaggeration that you can't even look at a woman without her yelling rape, is farcical. We are to this point where more offices are putting policies in place because "nature" as you put it, was making work an unhealthy environment for a lot of women. At a job, your co-worker should not be looking at porn at his desk or talking about some great lay he had last night and what he did to her. You're in a place of employment where a boss is paying you to do a job and if you absolutely feel like you can't walk down the halls without grabbing someone's butt, or talking about how big your D is, or making sexual innuendos, then don't work there.

    • Anonymous

      So i can't say did you do something different with your hair? (which she really did, darkened it) I like it you look very striking.

    • The problem i have with this is if a guy is in a workplace and a woman gets a disliking for him it could be for any reason even just a clash of personalities then she can basically accuse him of sexual harrasment and then this guys career and life is virtually down the toilet. It reminds me of a saying... Ultimate power corrupts.

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  • MzAsh
    Good take. If I was ever raped or sexually assaulted, I have to say I would have very little faith in the justice system. I’d consider taking care of my perpetrator myself.
    • That's what I'm talking about , fuck the justice
      "If you want done right , you have to do it your self "
      However will have any back up or support with you?

    • "fuck the justice system "

  • meesegoMoo
    All I see is complaint. Offer solutions if you wish to complain. Side note: What do you think of the women who lie in these trials? It's happened fairly often and it can ruin any chance of justice for the actual victims. Should trivializing rape in court be an offense?

    I'm asking you because you seem well-written.
    • Anonymous

      I'm glad you mentioned that because obviously you don't know me, but I am part of a women's group that speaks to mainly young women about such issues in school and in the workplace and offers them information and pro-bono lawyers who can help them with such issues because they often have no other place to turn to or were not aware of their options. I'm not a fan of "complaining" as you put it, and not then putting my feet to the ground and doing something about it because it really is never enough to just say there is a problem.

      As to your second note, trials must be taken on a case by case basis, and that is true for anyone who has been accused or is doing the accusing of a crime. You can't say because x% of women have out right lied in rape cases, that no woman should ever be believed. On the same token, I absolutely believe that whatever the percentage is of those types of women, they deserve jail time and to pay financial restitution in cases where a man has lost his job.

    • meesegoMoo

      I'm not sure about the lost employment part of that. Anytime a woman lies in court (and it's provable) she's trivializing something that is not at all trivial. It's pretty close to obstruction of justice when a criminal gets off because of one attention seeker. And even though it's a terrible thing, people do start taking these cases less seriously.

    • msc545

      The solution is not to charge or convict people without evidence. Accusations are NOT evidence. The other part of the solution is not to name people who are accused unless and until they are convicted, because social opinion will ruin their lives, regardless of the trial outcome.

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I'm glad Harvey & Bill (Cosby) are paying for their crimes. I'm not happy that victims waited so long to break their silence. They chose opportunity & career first before self respect.
    • Anonymous

      That wasn't always the case. There were many in both cases who told friends, told the media, wrote articles, tried to tell anybody who would listen but their complaints fell on deaf ears because these are or were powerfully connected men and so seemingly likeable in the case of Cosby, that to go against them is to basically go against a Mr. Rogers type character, where they are so well known and beloved almost to the point where no one believes they can do wrong and it helps them to get away with their crimes. It helps a lot of people to get away with their crimes.

      I had to watch this docu series on pedophiles in jail in a psychology course in college that literally made me want to vomit, because these guys were like, I was your friend, your teacher, your priest, your neighbor at the BBQ because being that likable guy is what got us in and close to your kids. These women are like that for these men. They want what these guys can give them and take full advantage or drug them to get what they want.

  • lightbulb27
    Yep. It's like all women and people need training from a young age on how to handle stuff.

    To me... the greatest motivator for anyone to come forward immediately and expose the person is to avoid them doing it again to them and to others. If they aren't stopped, then they continue the behavior which destroys not only the victims but their own life. Weinsteen now pays for being a degenerate, he lost the rest of his life. It would have been better to catch him sooner. This is where things go bad because some of those women (I'm assuming) got jobs resulting from this... so they received benefits... kinda like hush money. It's really twisted.

    I could say me too as well, not in this regard, but in terms of abuse at work. I was, I didn't report it... and now I regret it because they should be stopped. but it takes so much energy and time and risk.

    Weinstein (or is it Frankenstein?) is but a snow flake on a mountain of problems. There are women who have it a lot worse in scenarios. We have a very corrupt world. There's good... but a lot of corruption of the soul... and it's all money, greed, power... the false gods.
  • CharlieUnicorn
    Where minimum wages can make you a living at least, and where social services actually work so noone is that dependant, it's harder to exploit and abuse in the workplace.

    But as we've learned, a welfare state is fundamentally incompatible with unchecked low educated migration and economic globalisation.
    Economic globalisation is also killing the environment so, it'd be nice if the US got a president who's not an a-hole as Trump but is still an anti-globalist.

    Another part of this and that's particular for high status environments such as Hollywood where there's always more hopeful people kept around than there's actual room for... These environments need a critical light shone at them at all times and it's good if people start to loose faith in places like that. Stop glorifying it and regard them and their coke-party lifestyle with disgust and contempt.
    Counteract with small town values, where we care about our local communities and don't need high flying jobs to be happy.

    Progressives. It's high time that you consolidate with the less extreme sides of nationalism and local patriotism. Mend that bridge and start talking in good faith.
  • MannMitAntworten
    Emotionally weak men prey upon emotionally weak women. What makes this difficult for a large number of men ‘and’ even women to understand how this can even happen is because they themselves are not emotionally weak and cannot fathom being “that guy” or being “that gal”. Frankly, no one knows their boundaries until they are tested. Even the strong in emotion can find themselves lost in such situations. I see both perspectives. I am not sure either perspective is more right or more wrong than the other’s. I mean, it is easy to be smug about claiming to not put one’ self in such a predicament or say you would do X, Y, or Z if such an situation were to occur. Talk is easy. Action is not always as easy.

    What is disturbing about the Weinstein case is that pretty much entire Hollywood (men & women alike) was aware of his activities and going as far as making light of his actions in public amongst themselves and simply carrying on as if this was normal. Which for us who have more of a black & white approach to right and wrong see everyone as equally culpable for their silence and allowing him to continue his illicit activities unabated. Which frankly escapes all logic for the rest of us.

    Which begs an unasked question... Is ‘power’ that intimidating it can silence essentially everyone?
    • DorkVader

      Spoken from a place of privilege.

  • Usernamesrdumb
    Pyrrhic victory. Women think men are all rapists. Men think women are out to falsely accuse or put in court of twitter with no due process a fumbled approach. This should have been taken care of by the police, not some social media campaign.
  • Bman4907
    How many of the women gave the money back, refused, or walked away when dealing with him? Dude is a monster for sure, but how many of these "victims" traded the moral high ground for a couple bucks and a few minutes on the big screen.
    • Bingo! Women get vicious when the pussy power gets turned around on them.

  • KrakenAttackin
    Bullshit. Harvey probably does need to be in prison, but women need to take responsibility for their actions as well.

    If you want a job and the man says "fuck me and I will give you the job", this is wrong, but it is not "rape", I'm sorry. These women traded sex for career advancement, they were both wrong.

    The women who claim he forcibly engaged in sex with them, this is a very different story. But claiming trading sex for a job is "rape", really cheapens real rape cases.
    • Because it's a easy excuse to hide the guilt for their actions. It's sickening when people are trying to twist rape from a term of force to a excuse to justify being too mentally weak to be responsible for your actions

    • msc545

      Trading sex for a job is no different than trading sex for money. and neither of these things constitutes rape.

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  • Dargil
    These "steins", Ep and Wein give honorable men a bad name. I have to stop short of wishing he serve in a casting couch role in prison, but would not bleat about prison reform if it happened. He's about as close as they will get to Rosie.
  • rjroy3
    Imagine if there were more women involved in that who were willing to be martyr's, to do the right thing in terms of humanity. Rather than playing along, keeping quiet, knowing it's going to continue. Just to maintain their lifestyle, fame and income.
    • Anonymous

      I understand what you're trying to say but outside of women in these cases, a large part of what was written here is about the other women, the everyday woman, the poor woman, the women you don't see in the news for whom becoming a martyr could mean their kids don't eat, they have no place to live, they get deported, they lose a job in a low employment area. Easy to say from the outside looking in, stand up and say something but it could truly mean life and death especially if they aren't supported by anyone and don't have the financial means to survive something like this if they aren't believed. These are the women who will never get screen time and movements that outright support them because they aren't the poster children for speaking out, nor do they often have the resources to even go up against the powerful abusers in their lives. All I ask is that you not judge all those that have stayed silent under the same microscope. I mean, there are frankly a lot of men in abusive situations who fear, just as women do, that coming out and saying something will ruin them, will turn them into laughing stocks, etc. so all of this needs to be taken on an individual basis where we help to provide those opportunities for women and men a like to be able to break down these terrible systems and systemic issues that have put a hand over their mouths and allowed them to suffer silently.

    • rjroy3

      It is easy to say, because I've done it. I've been low income and left jobs without knowing where my next paycheck was going to come in. Whether or not I would be able to have a roof over my head. Because doing the right thing matter that much to me. I figured it out.

      Barring having kids, which is rarely the case for the women you're talking about. It isn't as insurmountable as you're making it seem. You're presenting it as if they have no choice. They do have a choice. They just don't like the outcome that is "potentially" down that road.

      Women are only helpless when they're taught to be helpless. And you're feeding into that.

    • rjroy3

      Further still. The vast majority of the time if they find themselves in that situation. They knew that was the situation well before it became a massive issue. Meaning they should have been looking for a new job when they have the job.

      My ex was really good at that. She was just telling me how she left one job recently when she saw a supervisor strike an employee in the workplace. She was gone in two weeks at a new place. She lined up potential jobs two months prior and contacted one of them

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  • esotericstory
    The only thing Weinstein is guilty of is organizing his own personal prostitution ring. He gave compensation (jobs) in return for sexual service. These women took it willingly. All the women who built their career on Weinsteins dick are equally guilty of this prostitution ring.
    • kim45456

      Is there no evidence that prove that he raped?

    • @kim45456 If thats true then its probably not assault rape but something like coercion.

    • These women still enjoyed enormous amounts of wealth, nobody cares about that.

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  • MrKinktastic
    It’s progress, but it doesn’t mean things are finished balancing out or that the basic problems of inequality and oppression have been resolved.
    • People will still abuse. if they want to abuse they will. they are not studying court cases like we do.. they are lonely people who live in their own hurtful life and have possible hurtful friends. these people will always exist just as nice people exist..

    • True, but having a functioning legal system means there is recourse for the victims of the avusive creeps.

    • True but others will take their place.

  • Bananaman177
    All of his "victims" sought out the abuse. They went to him because they knew thats how you become a star. They wanted to be stars, so they let it happen. They knew exactly what they were doing. They waited until after they got old and wrinkly and nobody wanted to cast them anymore before they started complaining about the abuse. None of them came forward to protect other victims or prevent him abusing other women and children in the future, they couldn't care less about anyone or anything besides themselves. What Harvey Weinstein's Case Means for Every Other WomanWhat Harvey Weinstein's Case Means for Every Other Woman
    • This is it exactly. I really don't have sympathy for these women.

    • @KrakenAttackin I basically said the same thing and got a bunch of downvotes. How do you rate?

    • Juxtapose


      Op got destroyed!

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  • anton_dee
    Justice has been served. Also fairness gonna come into the system. Women will not be able to use this method to get ahead of the competition. So those hardworking men too will benefit. My only point is why did these women wait all these years to disclose their encounters. It's not because of emotional trauma but mostly because they wanted career progression. I know it may sound bad and I'll get a lot of flak for this, but ain't it the truth?
  • Edanurus
    The Weinstein case just goes to show that its all about money and power. The 1% being the 1% doing things that only affect the 1% and patting themselves on the back with their saviour complex as if it has any affect outside of their bubble.
  • Gsm24diecast
    Wonder when Bill Clinton’s trials going to start... What Harvey Weinstein's Case Means for Every Other Woman
    • He flew on Epstein’s plane 26 times, if you don’t think the FBI or other agencies are working a case in him you’re an ignorant Liberal.

    • Maybe a trial or a grassy knoll

  • Meropatrick
    It definitely a victory. And it should be also a lesson to women not to surrender under pressure of agreeing to offer sex just to get ahead in the job or to keep the job. Also remove the shame and stigma and out it where it belong on the perpetrators
  • cth96190
    Do not forget the false allegations that have and will continue to destroy the lives of men.
    Observance of due process is vital, which the #MeToo outrage mob does not have the cognitive capacity to understand.
    Women also need to be mindful that, to protect themselves against false allegations, men in the corporate world have begun to avoid hiring women.
    I remain unimpressed by the lack of actual evidence upon which the Weinstein verdict was based.
    ‘He said she said’ is not sufficient for a safe verdict.
    • Ámayas_20

      Just asking have you actually read about the case? Have you read the court documents? There was far more than 'he say she say'

      I absolutely agree you need evidence for a conviction this is coming from a rape victim, however this doesn't necessarily mean women without evidence are lying but of course no conviction should take place.

      Also no matter their justification men not hiring women because they're women is disgusting, I imagine you'd agree if women stopped hiring men because they might sexually assault/harass them would be disgusting and wrong.

  • devilish-cutie
    its so sad how guys make it any womans issues as women being men haters
    the issues is not weather this is rape or not
    the issue is that those men are allowed to act like that (asking sex for advancement)
    in such circles where are so many like that (cause they are so free and smug case they know noone can do them anything) you as a woman may have dreams of becoming an attracess but such incidents can ed your whole career (its not as simple as saying no; saying no means your career is over); women also feel shame for being looked at as sexual vicitms, and not to mention those that said no, lost their careers, they actually had to go trough thing called sexual harressment! Being hit on, causally touched by men you dont want, its disgusting, you may also need your job and can't just quit like that, it takes time you realize whats going on, cuase you cannot believe it, the audovity
    so you stupid men talking shit in such cases, shut the fuck up and get over yourselfs!
  • Bikerboy123456
    I dont think his case will change anything in the world for others who do this.. they will still hurt others..
    • it will set an example that such things won't go unpunished anymore

  • opnbuk59
    I agree with you that women should be respected at all times and this is an example of how a little bit on dirty green paper with dead presidents had influenced our thinking no one is above it below another we need to stop putting these people on a pedestal simply because they have a little more money than you what's more important your dignity integrity of being sexually harassed for a paycheck but it's the character to of these men who lack confidence have no morals why they stoop to such levels
  • Kdude010
    Does this include men too? Because feminists are awfully silent on the Johnny Depps case.
    • Your totally right this is what annoys me about feminism is that it only seems to be concentrating and highlighting on females. Issues like domestic violence and rape happen to males as well.

    • mandigo

      Dont matter we just need to ride this bullshit feminisme out, because feminisem does not work and its going to backfire realy realy hard.

    • @mandigo But at what cost? We have lost at least one generation of women and quite possible a second. Women are more miserable than at any time in recorded history and women take out this misery on men. This is a really shitty situation.

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  • Love2Jackit
    I know u are going 2 hate. When u read what I have 2 say. What I think is a woman knows. When she goes 2 a man room such as Harvey. That sooner or later something is going 2 happen. The only problem is if don't benefit them. Then they want 2 cry wolf. Well if they hadn't put their self in a vulnerable situation. Then maybe bad things wouldn't have happened 2 them. My biggest take is u have women knowing good and well. By going 2 a room or anywhere 2 meet a man such Harvey. Then they should take responsibility for what might happen 2 them. I know what he done was totally wrong. But if don't go somewhere that u might think will benefit. Then the things that happened 2 u would not have happened. Always think about what could happen 2 u. Instead of thinking that nothing will happen. Cause sooner or later being around a man of his power U know over time he's going 2 expect favors 2 keep moving up on ur job.
  • pizzalovershouse
    Hopefully we will see more females com forward an feel that the truth they speak will be not turned away as lies
    • An thank you to the guys who down thumbed me I thought no 1 read my opions 😊😊👍

  • AshleyMadison00
    I believe he was let off easy and sometimes women need to understand what a predator looks like in plain sight
  • Asianguy123
    I think he should be pardoned and get a psycho therapy. He has a misconception about women’s behaviour that a lot of men mistakenly conceive women as inviting when women are just being nice.
    • DorkVader

      No way. He knew wtf he was doing. Don't give me that bs.

    • @DorkVader And they knew too yet accepted it to get ahead.

    • DorkVader

      @Daniela1982 Victim-blaming. It's the main reason most women in a vulnerable position don't report bad behavior of people in power. Imagine that

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  • JimmyQ
    This is funny. We had a repairman come to the house. we are two dudes living here and we shouldn't really pose any threat but this guy was working under company policy and he had toto film and record the entire interaction because his insurance required this.

    I caught a woman filming me when I was doing a repair in her home. When I asked her what she was doing, she said that she wanted to look more closely at what I was fixing and this was a better way for her to remember. This same woman started talking to me about sex and who she preferred to sleep with verses who she didn't like. Told me about her psych history, I mean enough for me to think she was looney-tunes.

    Then, as I'm leaving, I noticed her bedroom door was opened and she had gotten under he covers, naked, with her butt sticking out.

    I announced that I was leaving and locked the door behind me.

    Should end right there, shouldn't it.
    • JimmyQ

      "F" no. She filed charges against me. Said that I came in the bedroom and grabbed her ass. Had the police arrest me because she was a "firefighter". The only good thing was that she had told me so much about herself that I was totally able to discredit her. Her cop buddies were pissed and one even threaded bodily harm. These were State cops, not just your run of the mill creeps. I should have told him that she said she is tired of "F"ing him like she told me. Stupid punks.

      She forgot the date and time I did the service call in her home. On the day she said I grabbed her butt, phone towers put me no less than 50 miles away from her home and they put her skank ass 35 miles away from where she said it happened.

      Lie, lie, lie and still no charges filed against her. At least I was able to get her evicted cause my company doesn't play and we went under cover to get evidence that she was a felon.

      So, you count your victories and we'll keep taking you down, one by one.

    • Holy shit. That is awful man. I guess men who do service calls will have to start wearing body cameras. Damn, the gynocracy is real.

    • JimmyQ

      @KrakenAttackin Yah, you can't convince me that a healthy young women who is fighting for her life could get raped by some old degenerate. It's usually all about the money.

      Once women figured out that they can get rich by lying, there's your #ME2.

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  • ronaldo75
    These types of posts are why feminism is a cartoon these days. The worst rapists and monsters are walking around hollywood laughing right now while y'all think you took over the world with this weinstein bullshit. Weinstein raped his way through some of the hottest women in hollywood and is now going to jail at 67. NO WAY he's getting 25 years. I'd be shocked if he gets 10 and does 5-7. He's only alive because he's refusing to snitch on the really big fish. Women are still selling pussy for movie roles in hollywood. Little girls are still being abused. #metoo ignores pedofilia, It ignores man victims and it keeps quiet about the casting cough. AND it does shit to educate both boys and girls about avoiding and preventing rape. It's all a big fad made to make women feel powerful.
    • DorkVader

      Hmm, you're not wrong until you get to the point that it ignores male victims. Men exclude themselves from the conversation because they become a laughingstock. When Terry Crews spoke on his incident, he caught a hell of a backlash from OTHER MEN because of what happened. They all said, I would've punched that guy! Terry Crews wanted to react, but he didn't. He wanted a career in Hollywood too, and therein lies the problem. Reporting these creeps is a death knell for their career, so it's not lucrative for them to report when they're young, and it shouldn't be this way. I'm not saying it's ok, but it shouldn't be a career breaker nor acceptable to anyone.

      As for rape avoidance? How exactly do you teach someone to avoid being raped? I'm all ears. If you can think of a better way to empower victims to speak out against their attackers, please speak up. The world is waiting for your response

  • ThisAndThat
    MeToo and feminism has red pilled and pushed millions of men to MGTOW all the way round the world and growing rapidly. It was exactly what the globalist at the UN were looking for to rid the population, agenda 21 and agenda 2030. They already had feminism that rigged the entire system against men, and boys. And now they have MGTOW, men's defense of the attacks. It's Isaiah 4:1 and Isaiah 13:12 unfolding in real time for all to see and experience right before our very eyes. When you think of feminism, MeToo, and the legal system, think of the following: https://www.youtube.com/embed/tzARcrxKT4A
    • kim45456

      It is the patriarchy which cause the feminism

    • @kim45456 The patriarchy is the lie you were taught in gender studies, evidently. There is not such thing as the patriarchy and if the patriarchy is what I lived in my whole life, you women can have it, I would be thrilled to trade it for female privilege. You women are and have been privileged throughout the ages since Roam, hints the fall of Roam. Did they not teach you that in gender studies, IE feminism? No? I didn't think so. Instead of taking the Marxist communist word as the gospel, why didn't you bother looking for the actual truth? It's a bit late, but why don't you do that now?

    • kim45456

      Women were not allowed to vote, educate themself, have a right to divorce, is seen as a whore for not being a virgin and still her sexuality is controlled in eastern countries

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  • zagor
    If you don't have papers, then go to where you do...
  • OpenNudist
    It's Not Funny how " Harvey Wienstien " Was Convicted of Rape "
  • woooooooo
    It would mean that there's accomplishment showing rich and powerful that theyre not above the law because of there status.
  • Bando7
    It means nothing for other wom coz this is a special business
  • dman2796
    I'd like to point out that I haven't seen one woman of color get a mainstream #me too moment.
    • So you are upset that Harvey didn't fuck black women? STFU.

    • dman2796

      No you stfu in just stating a fact

    • What? Didn't Halle Berry get on his lap?

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  • Plitty-Tank
    Yes. He did an evil thing and sadly, other women will be afraid to testify in the future.
    • In all of these cases there is usually 50% that are actual victims and the other 50% are in in for the money...

  • hobbledehoy
    It is a start
  • kangy
    this man seem scary
    • Please if he was alone in an alley , he would feel the same fear as the women he assaulted

      He's just privileged rich cunt who needs money to defend himself

  • John_Doesnt
    But Fox News says her emails...
  • tgodg
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • Nahid1707
    Every girl deserves respect
  • mandigo
  • Anonymous
    What Weinstein's case and verdict means is that men are not entitled to due process, and gossip about them can be used in court.
    • Jury Nullification

    • Anonymous

      If Weinstein were an attractive man, he never would have been charged with anything. What these women are angry about is being essentially compelled (not forced) to have sex with an unattractive man to get a film career. Narcissism is really powerful as hell. There was no rape involved.

    • kim45456

      Stop supporting rapists

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  • Anonymous
    You managed to write a great deal and say nothing. Weinstein will appeal, this is not over yet. And if he wins the appeal, you will look very foolish for having declared some hollow victory.
  • Anonymous
    Like some of the other men have mentioned, he needs jail time.. But no #metoo which is a movement that basically pitted men and women against each other, it's a hollow victory at best.. Most men won't mentor, or even work with women any more.. Most women I know believe it or not will are less likely to hire women any more.. All #metoo has done is made things more difficult for women in the work place..
  • Anonymous
    Weinstein was guilty of abusing his power to get sex, and these women were equally guilty of using their sexuality to try to advance their careers. But we don't talk about that part, do we.
    • anton_dee

      True that mate. Someone puts 5hat point up and he is branded an unethical creature

    • Anonymous

      @myTake Owner Thanks for the downvote. What exactly did I say that you disagreed with?

    • Anonymous

      I'm still curious what the downvotes are for. What specifically do you disagree with?

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  • Anonymous
    Yeah, that's cool and all but a woman like rose McGowan, Gwenth paldtrow knee he was doing this and said nothing and took hush money. And let OTHER WOMAN GET Violated. you can't be scared and take can'ty and settle.
    At least Courtney love and Seth McFarlane TRIED TO TELL y'all but the majority of people just laugh or didn't understand subtext.

    A woman like amber heard set y'all back.
  • Anonymous
    That a rich Jewish man can get away with raping young white Christian girls
    • msc545

      Religion is not relevant in this matter.

  • Anonymous
    In your take you described a deal between woman and the person who will provide highly paid job for sexual favours. Nobody forces nobody.

    This practice is very common these days and not only women use this kind of arrangemenents.

    In a lot of cases there is women who actually initiating those kind of services.

    Even women in high positions can be found doing same.

    Just see young and beautiful woman (with no education or experience) getting very quick promotions in office and she works there for ages..., who forces her?

    I do not say that Weinstein is not guilty or other BS it is for court to decide.

    MeToo is used by to many of lying attention seekers, who dwarf all real purpose of that #