I Dont Hate Women. Why I Choose to be Controversial.

I Dont Hate Women. Why I Choose to be Controversial.

Over the past few months I have been considered a hater of women. An asshole. A misogynst. Many have seen my questions and articles regarding the nature of women and controversial opinions about why they do things and their intentions. Their conclusion is that I hate women.

I do not hate women. I am a feminist.

I know many of my haters are rolling their eyes at this point. But it is true. I love women. I date them. I have sex with them. I have deep friendships with women. And I have romantic relationships with them.

As a feminist I believe in womens right to vote, the right to choose an abortion, I support the #metoo movement, I believe in affirmative action, I support gay rights, and I support equal pay.

I believe in using internet freedom to advance the philosophical debate of cultural differences between sexes. I do this to show the fault lines of male & female thought/behavior. I seek to expose hypocrisy and get to the underbelly of who men and women truly are beyond the sugar coded bullshit that society inevitably accepts.

I believe that is why many of my articles about women are so popular. I think they trigger debate between men and women about our true nature in the dating world. For too long society has pretend that women are equal to men. That we have the same intentions. While I dont consider myself MGTOW, I think what is exposed here is that women are vastly different than men. How we think is completely different.

Many men fear marriage because they fear abandonment and loss of resources via divorce. Many women see dating and marriage of men as resource gain and potential.

Men are sex obsessed creatures who are into how attractive bodies are. Women are just as sex obsessed creatures as men who also are into how attractive bodies are.

We all want love. We all want sex. But our thinking and out intentions are very different.

Only by being controversial can I expose this. I seek TRUTH not your approval.

I Dont Hate Women. Why I Choose to be Controversial.
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  • Desconhecida
    I think the only statement that makes sense in your ~ as usual, helpful and brilliantly written ~ mytake is the first paragraph.

    You don't know why you've been considered a hater of women, a misogynistic asshole. See, that I believe: you are clueless.

    You can't call yourself a feminist just because it helps you get laid, if you ever actually get any. Saying you are a feminist doesn't give you the right to act otherwise.

    You believe in women's rights to VOTE? You say this like women didn't deserve this right ~ that's how it sounds to me.

    "Men fear marriage because they fear loss of resources via divorce. Many woman see marriage as resource gain and potential"

    Are you serious right now? We are in 2020 and a feminist say women need marriage with financial intentions? Are you saying we are all gold diggers or just incapable of having a decent job?

    Your takes are not controversial because you have something to say, they are just proof that you have nothing in your mind.

    That's just a friendly comment. No offense. I'm just being "controversial".
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    • Feminist 's worst enemy is themselves! You're welcome!

    • I'm not a feminist! LOL

    • Well, it seems like you were by the way you responded to this topic. Cause it is 2020, and there are still a lot of gold diggers out there..

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  • Smashingdoozy
    What im gathering from this, is you think everyone follows their gender stereotype. Anything that shys away from the stereotype is sugar-coated bullshit...

    Men; big, strong, wealthy
    Women; superficial, materialistic, gold digger
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Grond21
    There are a number of women who are discerning and have examined your different takes. You have been found wanting.

    You're right well, but your point is often subtle and not clearly explained. But once we take the time to parse it out, The result is that you value women for two things. Attention and sex. You don't value their minds, their hearts, their ability to discern or understand, nearly as highly as you do another man's. While hidden, your sexism is very present. And I pity anyone who takes any practical advice from you. They would only be doomed to sadness and disappointment
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    • Grond21

      You write well*

    • Apope16

      On GAG you only have 2,000 characters. Of course nothing can ever be clearly explained.

    • Grond21

      That's a nice attempt to try and deflect the blame, but no. The word limit does not affect my criticism in any substantial way

  • not329446
    After reading comments I see why you get hate. Some I agree with some I don't.
    You expressed an opinion laced with criticism. That's good 😊 for many rounds of hate. I have met numerous women who fit your take and sympathize your predicament but fail to understand why one man desires to collect this much hate.
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    • Apope16

      I dont care about what other people think of me.

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  • OlderAndWiser
    "Women are vastly different than men.". Are you sure?
  • I don’t think you’re sexist or misogynistic. A little misguided, maybe. But I think you’re learning.
  • NerdInDenial
    We live in a time when people don't want to see the truth but to only seek those who confirm their biases and eliminate anyone who disagrees. I would caution you to tread carefully. You don't want to find yourself in the cross-hairs of cancel culture.
  • Ámayas_20
    The problem is you use anecdotes and stereotypes to draw your conclusions rather than actual evidence and run away from debate when actual evidence is presented, you don't see women as of equal value to men in many ways especially in dating. I think you could be making great points if you actually opened your mind a little and realised for all the differences in men and women we're of equal worth and should hold equal responsibilities.
  • Gwenhwyfar

    But I would never marry someone I didn’t love
    • Apope16

      Thats true. Some women marry a billionaire because they THINK they love him. That is their excuse for marrying the guy for money. Its like that show "Selling sunset" or "90 day fiance" or the bachelor etc.

    • Gwenhwyfar

      You’re not wrong

    • Synikal

      Don't think this is why they marry rich... doesn't it fall under gain of resources with little to no effort? Small or few chances of mutual love or love of things.

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  • Freddy78361
    You hate women? Could have fooled me. You are just stating the facts a different suspect that most psychologists will agree.
    The truth hurts.
  • Rangers
    Let me guess, they branded you as those things because you presented facts that disprove their misandrist agenda and they couldn't counter you?
  • mrsxxx
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. That was interesting to read.
  • Mostly agree, but I think men and women are mostly the same.
  • Lmg to gather attention?
  • DonCachondo
    As for me, I only hate women CONDITIONALLY ;)
  • AkshiJanjua
    i agree to the second point a lot
  • OpenNudist
    To be perfectly honest I don't have an opinion
  • msc545
    You aren't a feminist. You are a simp.
  • Jmmmfi4
    I sure don
  • Anonymous
    Yeah... Right... 🤣
  • Anonymous
    Actually, you do stereotype women and use that to set "guidelines" for their behavior. I even see men disagreeing w you on your posts
  • Anonymous
    It doesn’t seem like you like women very much especially when it comes down to women who choose to have children by themselves.
  • Anonymous
    Feminism is misandry.

    Think long and hard before you try to refute
    • Apope16

      How so. educate us.

    • Anonymous

      I think if you begin answering, 'how not', you'll find the answer

    • Apope16

      But you are the one who made a clear statement sir. I want you to be the alpha man and pony up the giant balls to tell us all what your thoughts are. I am willing to take the heat for expressing things. why not you?

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