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How to survive a dictatorship: Part 1


Surviving a dictatorship is a daily struggle. You need to maintain a low profile, weather you're a foreigner or a national.

Living at the expected standard of a dictatorial government, will assure you certain peace and aloud you to access governmental benefits.

Before anything, you should understand that is easy to live in a dictatorial State, when you submit your "self" to its system of belief. The struggle appears once you realize you're indeed trapped in a country ruled with iron fist, by a party who shatters human rights values.

If you live through the transition, of for example: a country who respects human rights, to a tiranny; you'll be fully aware of the sociopolitic changes. The changes happens slow in some instance and radical in others.

⚠️To born, or grow up as a child in a dictatorship, constitute—in the first place— a problem to identify an authoritarian form of governance.

How to know you're living in a dictatorship?

It's dangerous to consider you're living in one, if you are self absorbed by your own definition of what is dictatorial and what is not.

Use as parameter the right to protest, or your freedom of speech. If you are able to publicly speak out your opinion about something that concerns you, bingo! You are living in a country that respects your individual rights.

The overwhelming fear of thinking about protesting, or the sudden anger of knowing anyone can protest, it's an indicator of a represive State.

Only to clarify: anything that has to do with the promotion of racism, xenophobia, political hate, religious hate, etc; do not align, and will never align with the Constitution of a Nation that values liberty.

How to survive a dictatorship: Part 1
How to survive a dictatorship: Part 1
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