Do You Think People Want To Be Lied To?

Do You Think People Want To Be Lied To?

From basic emotions to make up and cock size to bra size as Humans we lie a LOT! And that doesn't even include politics. If you've ever said you were "fine" when you weren't, you lied. If you smiled at something that wasn't funny, you lied. If you used make up to "enhance" your bra size or even used a push up bra, you lied. And Guys, we all know where to measure from, anything past the sack doesn't count, so we LIE!

People seem hardwired to lie and accept the lie when it's being told. Even though we know better. You're basically raised as a child NOT to lie, but everyday you get shown that it's Okay to Lie because everyone does it to some extent. Relationships may seem to be ground zero for lying but in every corner of the world Humans lie about everything. Can you even really say you know one truly Honest person that wouldn't lie?
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Do You Think People Want To Be Lied To?
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