boyfriend broke up with me cause I lied about my sexual past?

boyfriend and i were together for 8 months and he broke up last week.
My boyfriend had only 2 sexual partners which both were long term relationship, each lasted about 3 years.
I had 6, 3 short term relationship and 3 ons after my last ex broke up with me.
At the beginning my boyfriend asked me about my number, i was honest and answered 6.
Then he asked if they were casual or in a commited relationship, i said they were all relationship, how stupid of me to lie to him (he told me his opinion about casual sex and that he doesn't want a girl who does it). He even said that he wanted complete honesty because he wants to know the other person and if she is compitable with him or not.
But at the moment i wanted him to be in love with me and so i lied to him to look better.

Now 8 months later he found out sth that i had a ons. He asked me if it was true and i didn't wanted to lie and so i told him about my past.
He said to me "you know how i think about people who have casual sex, right? You know i wouldn't be together with someone who had casual sex, right? But you still lied to me and deceived me. You took with your selfishness my right away to make a informed decision. A decision about if i want to be in a relationship with you or not. Now that i know all needed information i will make my decision not to be in a relationship with you. Now i gonna grab my stuff and leave this place for good. I could have saved so much time if you were just honest with me, but shit happens, 8 months gone to waste."

Since this he didn't contacted me.

I saw that i really hurt him with lying to him and especially that he found out about my past from some other than me. I know i was stupid to lie. He wanted complete honesty and i lied. I really took his right to make a decision away. I should have respected his dealbreaker. I shouldn't be selfish. This is what i learned.

My boyfriend is a very nice and kind person who always folows his principles.

What should i do now?
Please dont call him names, i was in the wrong.
boyfriend broke up with me cause I lied about my sexual past?
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