Do you feel modern feminism is failing?

Okay, feminists, don't get super offended. Let me be upfront and say that OG feminism doesn't bother me, and I see no problem in there being specific groups who represent a certain demographic's issues. I think the main issue with feminism today is that it has deviated away from what it used to be, to something that people no longer take seriously or see value in.

While I know there are good factions in feminism, the extremists unfortunately have the loudest (and most off-putting) voice. I've noticed as well in my time that even if you do try to constructively criticize the movement, you're often met with a lot of hate. On the flipside, due to the extremism genuine feminists who aim to do good are met with their own barrage of hatred. Feminism today has pretty much become the new "F word."

I won't go into my specific criticisms of the third wave in this Q, but I may address it in a mytake in the future. So, feminists and non-feminists alike, do you feel like modern feminism is failing? What criticism or defense can you offer this movement?
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Note: I like just about everybody's opinions when they comment on my questions. I only mention this because I've been asked about it before. My liking of one particular opinion doesn't necessarily reflect my personal beliefs.

Just as an FYI.
Do you feel modern feminism is failing?
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