Are you 'fat phobic'?

Are you 'fat phobic'?
Fatphobia (noun): Fear and dislike of obese people and/or obesity. Fear or obsessive avoidance of consuming fat.

Personally, I am. I'm not scared of nor do I dislike fat people, but I do have an intense fear of being morbidly obese or fat.

The term 'fatphobia' exists as a product of the Fat Acceptance movement. Just curious how people feel about the term and if anyone thinks it's relevant.
Yes, I'm fat phobic.
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I'm fat phobic about gaining weight, not about fat people.
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I'm fat phobic towards fat people but not about gaining weight.
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I'm fat phobic but I don't believe that means fat people should be mistreated or abused.
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No, I'm not fat phobic.
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Are you 'fat phobic'?
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