Do you think America is racist?

So we all saw the horrible death of George Floyd. And I will not deny that that particular officer was racist. I will not deny that some police are racist. I will not even deny that some people are racist. But I do not think that America overall has a race problem.

I hate how the media loves to publicize when a white man kills a black man. Y'all know I'm from Chicago, and I see more deaths every weekend (especially in summer) than ALL deaths from police IN A YEAR. If white police are racist for killing a few black people, then how racist are fellow black people for killing each other? What about the countless Latinos killing each other because of gangs?

If America was racist, why do so many other countries want to come here? Nobody dies trying to get to Canada, and Canada's a liberal's wet dream not too far from here. (Don't give me that bs that it's "too far up north" when Dominicans go to New York and Mexicans come up here to Chicago. You're telling me they can't go up a few miles farther north? LIES. We are better and more welcoming than Canada).
If America was so racist, why would Dems push for more immigration? It's pretty fucked up that they would push for it if they truly believed they'd be mistreated simply for the color of their skin. (LIES, we are treated pretty well).

Don't trust the media. We are not some wild west where anyone with pigment in their skin is a free target. The truth is, we are treated well here, better than our mother lands. And we'd rather be here than in all those other liberal utopias (Canada, Europe, Australia). Many of us our extremely religious and gun friendly.
I'd post sources, but liberals in general don't care about them and I waste my time finding them. I still love all my liberal friends, but I just can't even have a conversation without y'all hurling insults and posting shitty memes instead of actual data.

#MyGunsArentIllegalTheyreUndocumented ;)
Do you think America is racist?
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Do you think America is racist?
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