Should organ donation be mandatory?

I often hear from those who are anti abortion that they claim to support life.

What better way to show one is pro life than making organ donation mandatory. After death one doesn’t need the organs but there is a list of others that do.

Is it really about being ‘pro life’ or ‘pro-control of women’?
Should organ donation be mandatory?
Yes organ donation should be mandatory. Save lives!
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No , I believe organ donation should be a choice, but abortion should still be illegal just cause
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No, I believe in choice whether abortion or organ donation
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I am pro choice on abortion but support making organ donation mandatory.
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3 mo
Update 1: I see that far more men have decided organ donation should be a choice but abortion should be illegal. As it’s long been known but most won’t admit those men hide behind anti abortion to control women. Any time someone suggests mandating those men do anything they throw a tantrum. So they really aren’t pro-life but pro-control.
Should organ donation be mandatory?
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