What if everything you've ever been told was wrong?


there were no dinosaurs. no mummies or grand pyramids and wonders of the world. no space travel or wars ever until the bible. the thought of a dinosaur and archeology wouldn't matter to anyone. they dug up jesus and that's when everything went crazy. but how accurate is carbon dating? it's determined by scientists and people that want you to believe something.

that goes the same for everything since the British invaded africa. why are the only great finds of africa in British territory? reconstructing these monuments at the time they were discovered would be possible. (and i have a theory on the pyramids).

i'm just not sure i believe much of history that's been recited from someone and someone unless it's from the 1850's. i can't trust or won't trust someone telling me it happened unless you have legitimate proof!

anyone else understand my rant of non-belief of history?

What if everything you've ever been told was wrong?
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