Addressing The Popular Idea that Pitbulls are Naturally Mean Dogs

Addressing The Popular Idea that Pitbulls are Naturally Mean Dogs

Now, this is my first Mytake so please understand that I might not explain very well.

I was raised knowing that some animals are nice like puppies and kittens and some are mean like bears and snakes. What I was also taught was that what people give out is what animals give back. Pitbulls are typically used for dog fights because of their natural reflexes and tough build which means people raise them to fight. From the time they were puppies, they were taught to attack.

Now not all pitties are raised like this and usually those pits are careful and sweet because they never were taught to fight. People see news stories like "Pitbull attacks little girl!" and never understand that most of those pitbulls were raised in fighting situations and were rescued. Just because they were rescued does not mean they will forget the life they were taught. Thats like someone telling you to forget everything you think you know.

Also, the pitbull's medical structure also plays a key in violence. The breeds skull is built horribly. The skull slowly starts to almost cave in between their eyes (hence the famous dip in the forehead) and causes pain. This can effect how the animal acts. Now, something I dont agree with is police officers shooting them when they did nothing wrong. That is basically racial profiling. It is the same as a white officer shooting an African person.

The pitbull is also known as the "Babysitter dog" for their protective nature over family.

Who agrees? Reasons for disagreeing? Anyone wanna bet I can fight over this?

Addressing The Popular Idea that Pitbulls are Naturally Mean Dogs
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  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    nice take :) I love pitbulls. I have one, a blue-nose pit. and she has been the sweetest thing. before her I had a dog that was part pitbull part mastiff. people were terrified when they saw him but hell he always covered people with kisses. but was also protective. my pitbull I have now, she's like that too. AND I have a mini poodle. he's so tiny compared to her, yet they love each other to death and my pit is always very gentle with him. like you said it just depends on how they are raised. blue nose pits have been labeled as "most dangerous pit breed" but that's hard to agree with when it comes to mine. if a dog is raised to be a fighter, its gonna be a fighter. if its raised to love, its gonna love.
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  • Whatthefluff
    I love pit bulls
  • Rainie_
    The “nanny dog” myth has been debunked. They have never been considered a “nanny/babysitter dog”.

    Old statements about them in the 19th century say that these dogs are most certainly not for women who should opt for a more playful/sweeter dog, so really never mind babies or children.
    You should never leave a dog to “watch” over a baby/child, no matter the breed, they need supervision and the “nanny dog” myth is a dangerous thing to tell people, making them think it’s all safe and okay to leave dogs with babies/young kids. It’s not. Babies and young children can’t read a dogs body language.

    I’m just speaking as a dog carer who’s cared for many type of breeds. While I’ve met some nice sweet pits, I’ve also met horrible ones, and no they’re not rescues, and no they were not the ones that were raised to fight. You need to be very good with socialising it and especially discipline when it comes to dogs such as pit bulls because of their bite potential. Friend of mine had part of her thumb bitten ofg by one as she was trying to protect her own dog from being attacked.

    I’d say the exact same about dogs such as German Shepherds (working type in my experience), the one I care for was never well socialised and bites/attacks other dogs to the point that they bleed, and she will kill if not intervened in time. These type of dogs are no dogs for beginners or lazy people and can develop very troubling behavioural issues if not raised right such as the one Im caring for at the moment.

    Unfortunately some people get these kind of dogs because they just think they look cool.
    • Actually, it has not. Most Pitties who are raised in a caring, warm home will watch and protect as will any dog but these dogs have more of a motherly nature.

    • Rainie_

      Its not just about a caring warm home, met plenty of dogs from such families but have awful attitudes towards other people, dogs and children because they haven’t been disciplined correctly or socialised.

  • LisaLisa89
    There are violent dogs of many breeds, including pitbulls. But the reason they are violent is normally because their owners have trained them that way.
    Anyway, I prefer cats. But dogs who are raised to be friendly tend to be docile, just as you have said.
  • lord_chilled
    Yeah, when you have a thing that was LITERALLY ( i dont normally use that word, so im serious) made, built, and bred to murder, then people are gonna be wary.

    I mean i could be a 300 pound monster that was bred to kill by my instincts but turned out not to do it just because people haven't fucked with me (yet).
    But i wouldn't expect people to take the chance.

    Do you have any idea how f*cking strong a pitbull is?

    I have seen pictures of a pitbull that bit of a mans head clean. His wife was crying beside him. It was his neighbours dog too.

    I mean yeah, dogs are capable of killing a man, but i haven't seen a dog strong enough to kill via decapitation.

    There was a news, a famous story in switzerland, when i was a kid, a kid my age was ripped to shreds by 3 pitbulls.

    F*ck that abomination of a canine. They should have never created that dog.

    Might as well have wolves as pets. At least their inhibitions align with their instincts and strength.
    This is a roided up little f*cker with a napoleon complex.
  • OlderAndWiser
    When we hear a new story about a dog, it almost always involves pit bulls, chows, or doberman pinschers. Never Labs. It is impossible to believe that genetics does not play a role in the aggression note in these breeds.

    "I don't agree with police officers shooting them. . . It is the same as a white officer shooting an African person." You may want to post an update clarifying that comment.

    • xXiTacoXx

      Meanwhile there are studies that show labs attack more than pitbulls but w/e.

    • @xXiTacoXx It is difficult to respond to replies that assert the existence of contrary facts but which do not provide any citations for those contrary facts. I read claims that "It is widely known" or "they have discovered" and it relates to something I have never heard; quite often the facts claimed seem rather improbable. If I am wrong, I would like to correct my facts but I never believe unsubstantiated assertions.

  • LMNOP123
    I hate when people pretty much think of pitbulls, rottweilers, etc. as hell spawns. Theyre giant teddy bears!
    Now for a dog that most would think they’re friendly, a dalmatian. They are not good for families. They are a one person dog and very tempermental. Believe me, I have one. She’s already bitten someone pretty good before.
    You’re always much better off getting “Satan’s dogs”, aka pitbulls (Sarcasm intended) for your kid. A dalmatian is a big no no.
  • Astoriana
    Pitbulls who are raised well are usually very sweet. They’re like giant lapdogs that want all the snugs.

    They have very strong jaws though, and that can be a problem when they feel threatened. That can be minimized with the appropriate type of training.
  • bubble_tea
    According to this dedicated website
    .. the nanny dog is nothing but a myth.
    .. they were specifically bred to fight.
    But yes, not every dog has the temperament the breed is best known for.. So there's hope.
  • DianaWest
    Yeah, sure you think this, until someone you know gets attacked by one, and then we'll hear your thoughts on the matter. I don't think they should be killed, and they do deserve love, but unfortunately they are known for their bad reputation and violent tendencies, and I don't think anyone wants to become dog food. So before being so concerned for the dog's feelings, you need to be concerned for the human lives that have been lost due to maiming by the pitbulls themselves.
    • My opinion will never change. I dont care if its my sister being attacked. Sounds bad but, these dogs have reasons (usually horrible) to act the way they do.

  • Dargil
    Pit bulls are naturally aggressive, as are Rottweilers and Dobermans, and your Chihuahua would kill an intruder if he were big enough. Careful upbringing can regulate that. You can even raise a timber wolf to be a gentle companion. Just keep it away from cats, small dogs and chickens.
  • Mi2mi2a
    the dog is a reflection of its owner. and the sad part is that media never talks about that german shepherd dog that attacked its owners. As you said these pitbulls were raised for fighting reasons.

    I've owned a pitbull, when I was young. It was the sweetest dog ever. What I find amazing about dogs is the fact that those that look scarier are usually the sweetest.
  • JustAnEdiaGuy
    Media makes (as example) Pitbulls look bad, because that is everywhere we begin to think that. at least the less smarters. Thats the problem with media it "infects" some (or most of) people and "changes" opinions. Which is bad. Some pitbulls are bad, yes. But there also are other dog races that are normally "peaceful" that also can be "bad" sometimes.
  • I have a fear of dogs so it dorskt matter what breed they are, I keep my distance from them all. Though whenever I have nightmares about them, it's never a pitbull. Usually a rottweiler or doberman. But yeah, put pitbulls are usually the dogs that are walking their owners down the street.
  • M-ikaela
    For me pitbulls will always be sweet, loving and loyal dogs.
    What they need is to have proper owners who will spend plenty of time with them and give them proper training but sadly a lot of people buy pitbulls because they wanna look ''tough'' or ''cool'' and then end up having problematic dog who gets all the blame
  • zagor
    Yet pit bulls are responsible for 60% of the dog bite deaths in the US each year. Even if you eliminate dogs under 30 lbs, they are no more than 15% of the non-small dogs in the US. So their reputation is in fact deserved.

    Plus among dog owners, the owners of pit bulls are much more likely to be assholes, which makes the problem worse.
  • Bandit74
    It's not like the stereotype is completely unwarrented. They are responsible for the majority of dog related attacks and fatalities against humans.
    • Have you double checked that? I was quite surprised when I was looking into dog attack stats last year (when I got a big dog and was worried about it eating my nephew!)

  • Natalie11299
    Pitbulls can be either mean or nice. I’ve always experienced nice pitbulls, so I like them.
  • ronaldo75
    there's nothing wrong with being afraid of pits or ANY large dog. Pits are very loving gentle dogs BUT they just too strong and too many have been raised as killers for anyone not to be on alert around them. This is a society where we fucking justify being afraid of black men more than a wiold killing machine with a 500lb bite force and an IQ of 30.
  • wildkid360
    I tell you what pitbulls are more loving and more caring than most dogs i know with retrievers next in line. They are smart and intelligent and i tell you what when it comes to their owners they will protect them with german shepherds after that i think.
  • Blueeyes81
    I have an American Bulldog and he's the sweetest thing ever. My godson rides him like a horse, he's never shown an ounce of aggression, he's never met a person or dog/ cat he doesn't like. He looks scary as hell and that's part of the problem people have with the breed. I'm a firm believer in it's the owner, not the breed, that makes or brakes the dog.
  • 1nittol3arn
    They were originally bread to be fighting dogs... but in actuality they're one of the best loyal and protective dogs.

    They make great family dogs and love to protect families. Love them pit bulls. 😍

    My favorite dogs are labs though. Great hunting and swimming buddies. 😄
  • Jaye234
    My parents rescued a pitbull from their neighborhood who paid people of different races to beat him to teach him to loath them.
    He was a wonderful dog.
    His name was Casey. Casey was incredibly sweet but dispized almost everyone.
    I was three when a county in North Carolina forced us to put him down.
    A neighbor kid would tease him till one day Casey learched at him getting the kids shirt and ripping it off his body.
    I would feed Casey dryer lint and popsicle sticks.
    To end my story I do say that pitbull aren't a vicious breed but one of the most abused.
    Even though it's been 30 years I still miss Casey terribly.
  • JimRSmith
    Pitbulls make me nervous, I'll admit.

    Why do dog attacks so frequently involve this breed, if they're not part of the problem?
    • Because there is sadly a culture surrounding them and lots of people train them to be aggressive... in the UK the dog that gets into the most fights is a labrador!

      There is also the issue that they are strong animals, built to grab on and thrash until the prey is dead. My friend has a pit bull and all though it isn't an aggressive or nasty dog, when it plays its very scary. She hasn't trained it well at all so it sees everything as a toy, but there's no malice. I think the reputation of being dogs that attack often has been hyped by the media following some unfortunate attacks... and also because people do use them for fighting and other horrid things. From my experience though the animals themselves are not vicious by nature whatsoever... Not with humans.

    • JimRSmith

      @Annie_Mosity Interesting, and I can see the logic...

  • Pyrofox
    Pitbulls true danger/(s) isn't their bite but their slobber XD. I mean rarely have I heard from any of my friends any stories about them ever getting bitten. Plus my niece wrestles with her neighbors pitbull (she is like 6 or 7 years old) and the worst she's ever come back with as far as damage. Is a need of change of clothes after getting half soaked in dog saliva.

    PS: And by wrestle I mean she is willing to to play tug of war with the big dog XD.

    Also pitbulls are like any dog the only reason they would ever attack is if they are "taught" to. Its the same idea with kids, if you beat your kid they are going to be more likely prone to anger outbursts and if they become parents themselves carry on the tradition they put up with when they get angry with their kids.
  • 4465loveyou5577
  • Rissyanne
    I dated a guy who had a Pitbull. He had the biggest head I’ve ever seen on a dog. But he was just a big loving baby.
  • Logorithim
    I've never known one, so it's a breed I don't think about it, so thanks for bringing it to our attention in this excellent Take.
  • Annie_Mosity
    My friend has an American Pit. Which I think is actually a banned breed in this country... But anyway, the dog isn't vicious or aggressive by nature but she is VERY playful. She once decided to play 'with' me and I ended up strangling the bastard thing to make it let go of me. It had never been taught that it wasn't the boss and that humans weren't toys, so although it isn't a nasty dog it is VERY dangerous. I'm terrified that one day it will get out, find some kids (because it loves children) and then start 'playing' with them... It will get put down in a heartbeat if that happens.

    Generally there are no bad animals, just bad owners. My friends I'd a terrible dog owner...
  • loveslongnails
    My experience with pit bulls is simple... they are fine, until they snap. And a percentage of them snap for no apparent reason. Other than that, I don't know much about them.
  • Kayla45
    I had a pitbull when I was about 11 years old.

    Most friendly and family loving dog there was... until a drunk driver ran her over. :(
  • Nice222
    Most pits I have met were very nice. But I would never own one mainly because of their reputation and how my local law enforcement and courts view them. It would be just asking for trouble.
  • Caaarl
    It's scientifically untrue and dangerous to say that animals don't have temperamental differences from each other. Even just humans alone are very temperamentally different by sex. It's one of the reasons why men make up the huge majority of people in prison.

    You can say that nurture is the only thing that matters but it's just not true. Some dogs are going to be more temperamental than others regardless of how they are raised. It's like saying that a psychopath can be completely normal it just matters how you raise them. No that's not how it works.

    Pitbulls can be tamed their not untamable but they are by far one of the more aggressive breeds.
  • Jxy95
    I think the media gave a lot of influence on the perception that pitbull are aggressive.
  • RachelAllyCat
    I think pitbulls trained in loving environments can be so sweet! The stereotype is too vague.
  • Tomblebee
    Wait so you say don't shoot sharks unless they attacked.. or not shooting sharks fullstop?
  • yoshi_wanna_ask
    I think for the most part pitbulls are okay unless they're mixed with a naturally 'nippy'/mouthing breed which can lead to problems, especially with younger dogs but I am very much against Staffies (Staffordshire Terriers) being used as family pets. Working dogs, sure, guard dogs, fantastic, but not pets.

    The issue with this though is they can look *very* similar to pitbulls and can give them a bad name because the Staffies *are* naturally more aggressive/territorial and less domesticated. There really should be some sort of standard rules about *how* to own a dog like that that people have to follow the same as if they were keeping a lizard or a possum or something. Certain animals need certain environments.
  • dandee55
    Nice job for a first Take by a 15-year-old.

    That used to be my favorite breed. Not that I don't like them now; I just like a couple others more now.
  • Crashtest
    I definitely agree, I have a doberman and he's the sweetest!
  • mike5150
    I know some really nice pit bulls. If you can't train your dog properly then you end up with a bad dog.
  • bente2
    Any bulltype dog has been bred to fight/attack. So has the chowchow, rottweiller, kangal, rhodesian ridgeback, even german shephards... all of these breeds can and will kill someone if they are made to. (Almost all dogs will)

    The difference between bull type dogs and other breeds is that they were bred to attack other dogs. And THAT isn’t easy to “train”. Sure, they might like other dogs when they are younger but i’ve never met a bulltype that didn’t “switch” eventually (and often attacked another dog).

    Though this isn’t a thing i’ve only seen in bulltypes, they are the most common breeds to switch like this, and the issue is that they are one of the strongest breeds as well, often owened by assholes that know nothing about dogs or people that say “my pittbull won’t harm anything!!!” instead of thinking of what to do if it DOES.
  • I love pitties! They have a bad rep because PEOPLE put them in bad situations. And it's sort of a generational brainwashing. Like how cats were worshiped and basically royals, and now everyone thinks that cats are lazy and uncaring. Not true. After years of being pampered, you don't think cats are smart enough to realize they have a history of getting everything they want? Animals aren't stupid, despite what people think.
    And pitbulls aren't these wild out of control killers. If you raise enough of them i the wrong environment, for a long time, they will be conditioned to remain that way. And the babies pick up what they gather from their parents, so... this "aggressive nature" is really the fault of humans.
  • Juxtapose
    They *are* naturally mean and you have to take special care when raising them so they don't turn out to be assholes.
  • Chrysis
    You're right in that not all pitbulls are aggressive monsters. Their owner plays a HUGE role in how they behave, too- a shitty, aggressive owner will most likely have an aggressive, shitty dog.

    However, pitbulls are more aggressive than many other breeds because, as you said, we made them that way, so they're sort of more likely to attack someone if told or to flip out than, say, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- which were bred to be lap/family dogs. Of course you can have a super sweet & tame pitbull & you can also have a super agressive & mean CKCS- it's just more likely to be the other way round.
  • Surely
    Animals are like children, They are usually the product of the environment they were raised in.
    Some humans should not have children, just the same as some people don't know how to raise animals.
  • Pineapple_Boy
    I grew up around pitbulls and I agree with you. They are the most loving and caring dogs ❤

    I don't the profiling part but okay 👍👍
  • NerdInDenial
    Very misunderstood dog breed... they can be gentle; it depends on how the owners train them
  • 0112358
    If only there was data on this we wouldn’t have to rely on a small handful of anecdotes.
  • CoffeeWC
    Thanks for clearing that up. There are so many ignorant people who only think pessimistically about pitbulls.
  • MarketData
    Pitbulls are adorable. The only dogs that are "naturally mean" are Alsatians (German Shepherds).
  • Ahsthen
    This is a simple issue. Dogs are animals. Do not assume they're safe.