What does it mean when a guy calls you "B"?

So short version- I've been seeing this guy since about May, Were dating seeing each other once or twice a week., but we never really had the whole talk bout that whole status title thing. WE start sleeping together in October. Lately, he been texting ' hey u. what you doing b?" or "goodnight b."

So what does "b" mean? is it Short for something, my name starts with emma lol.


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  • Ask. (I call my boyfriend b, but it's sort of a laotion insider thing)

  • It can mean: babe, bitch (seems unlikely unless he's getting this from south park), buddy...

  • well I'm not sure. where I live we say "wa going on b" but its nothing bad its like sayin wats going on or wassup. It doesn't really mean anything its like saying the phrase without "b". But then again I'm sure we're from different places and he could mean baby or babe or something. idk

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    it means your his bottom bitch... haha

    and if you don't know what that means watch south park

    • "do you know what I am saying?"

      "yes I believe I do know you are saying"

    • Lol butters