Why do men stare at women?

This goes to men who know the women such as being in the same class/workplace or men who just randomly stare even if they don` t know you


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    some people state to make you feel weird. some do it because they like to look. some because they have astigmatism and are trying to look at something else entirely.

    u gotta figure the word exists in the english language for a reason- because people do it.

  • they want sex

  • I have always wonder this, since finding myself to be the target of consent staring for a particular person, who shall not be named. Its all the time...the unfortunate thing with this issue I have, is the stares have no emotion. Its like a dog, just fixed, no blinking, no smile...sometimes it can feel quite threatening, and creepy...I will though always stare back, just so they know I've seen them.

    But I don't know why...confuses the sh*t out of me.

  • well ,maybe they are just look at you ,as we always stare at men in the road,nothing wrong

  • Because men are visual creatures? :P

  • haha yeah I have that problem. good question. I always wonder why the STARE. then I stare back and I don't know what's going on! lol

  • why the hell do you think?

    • Why the hell don`t you give a straight answer instead of acting like a smart ass?

  • Because women are so beautiful! We should all be flattered :)

  • theyre nice to look at

    • lol yeah we are

    • * we are

  • I LOVE making eye contact with a guy I find attractive when he's staring at me. It's an indescribable joy... like an adrenaline rush. If I'm not into him, I don't complain he's staring, but I don't reciprocate so he gets the message.

  • Because we're easy on the eyes.

  • The reason that I feel a guy would stare, is because he can't have you.

    If you see the person regularly, work,school,cafe. And the same guy stares at you It would probably be for the following reasons.

    1) They like you but probably has a wife/girl, so they can only look. It makes them feel good, which in term helps there sex life with there partner. (messed up but true)

    2) They like you and may possibly, make a move. But if it doesn't happen within a month or two tops. Refer back to # 1.

    3) There perverts.

    4) If its not someone you see, all the time as in a stranger. Then its like what most guys on here stated.

    They like what they see, and are admiring. :-)

  • omg what a question. why do women stare at men?

    • U tell me, cos I dnt stare at men 2 often, I merely look a little and then look away

  • Because men are visual by nature and they stare at things that mesmerize them, i.e. a beautiful woman, sports, fancy cars, electronics, food...lol.

    • came as a shock to me...wow didn't knoe that :D

    • Lawl that is true

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    Well you don't go to an art museum and just glance at the exhibits, you like to take in all of it's beauty and well the earth is one giant art museum and women are God's most beautiful creation and we (men) are programmed to admire his work

    • he was a user when I gave him BA. Too bad he left :(

    • best answer for a non user? tsk-tsk

    • What a great answer!!

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  • Because they are very nice and eye candy what wrong with that? lol

  • Is it hard to figure out? Men tend stare at girls that they think are attractive.

  • You women have such artistically hot bodies and you ask such a question? Ridiculous!

  • Have you LOOKED at your profile pic? -.-'

    • LOL! YEah.

  • because we're naturally sexual creatures

  • All men love beauty.

  • For the same reason they stare at muscle cars and motorcycles; because they want one but can't settle on WHICH one.

  • A lot of the time I'm day dreaming about something utterly stupid, like why aren't there loads of spiders webs hanging around NY by the 3rd spiderman film? the cleanup bill must be huge!

    Alternatively, it could be because you are absolutely stunning and I can't take my eyes off you.

    Another option is that you could be acting like a freak, and I'd be trying to work out why you're such a horrible person and what on earth could make someone so annoying. (usually staring without realising I'm doing it)

  • You're either cute/pretty or you have an ugly mole on your face.

  • Because they like what they are looking at! You don't have to know the person to like them, especially in a physical or lustful way.

  • Why? because you're cute ;)

  • They find them attractive.

  • If they are hot, sometimes you stare without even realizing it

  • we're visually molesting you

    • Hahahahaa

  • Better than staring at nothing.

  • That's why we're supposed to wear sunglasses so you girls won't know what we're doing. Guys, stop creepin the girls out and go getcha some shades. And I don't know about the whole staring thing...I call it checking her out.

  • because you touch yourself at night XD

  • Because they're purple and have 3 pairs of legs... obviousley

  • well maybe if god didn't make women so damn noticeable and freaking hot. men wouldn't look at them to much. its a good thing if guys check you out it means your hot

  • excuse me .. !? women stare at me !

    • im dead serious

    • Lol, wtf is with the negative votes?

      Must be sad for them not having a sense of humour.

    • LMFAO!

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