Slept with my ex and now he's ignoring me?

Broke up with my ex due to him being hot and cold and finding out he was online dating behind my back, he recently contacted me saying how much he missed me and wanted to get back together, he always said that I don't voice things when they bother me. After sleeping together he hasn't tried to contact me which feels really shitty as he used to call me all the time.. I never really express my feelings but I was irritated because I saw that he was online on whatsapp yet hasn't tried to call me at all! So I sent him this "You know what I feel like your tryna fuck with my head.. I came to see you yesterday had sex with you and now I can't hear from you.. I'd rather you be real about your intentions instead of telling me what you think I wanna hear..
I kind of regret it now because I feel like it makes me look insecure but he's made me feel that way, he hasn't read it yet but do you think I should just end it with him and move on will he think I'm overreacting? I'm not the clingy type at all but given the situation that I have taken him back after he was wrong surely he should be showing me he cares? Thoughts?



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  • sorry but this relationship (currently) built on your past mistake, which mean you had the chance to move on but you chose to stay.
    a guy who truly loves you, will know your worth from day one and will never leave you for something better (online dating). he's essentially telling you, "you're not my first choice. but if all else fails, you're my fall back girl and I'll come back if nothing else works." what kind of girl would fall for that?
    why would you take him back and put him back in the situation to be unhappy again?
    move on.


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  • Ask him if he's seeing anyone and see if he tells you the truth

    • He admitted that during our break he has spoke to other girls but claims he hasn't got a connection with them like he has with me.. I think that's why I'm also feeling insecure


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  • You broke up with him after discovering something that most people would consider to be cheating, even if he didn't actually meet these girls and have sex with them. Then you went back and had sex with him. You get an F on your report card.

    What you did shows absolutely no self-respect, so why should you expect him to respect you? It is way past time to move on.

    • It's true I realise that now, I appreciate your opinion

  • Your fault. Move on


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  • He is your Ex... and you slept with him again even though he didn't say he wanted to get back together. Sounds like he was using you. Nice on and find a better person.