He asked me out on a date then said he was joking!?

so this guy I liked asked me out. His words were Would you like to go out in a date? I paused then he quickly said I'm just joking... was he too scared I would say no? Should I bring this up again by saying to him remember the time you asked me out but you said you were joking?

I should mentioned this happened a couple of months ago and we are still good friends but if I get the nerve I will bring it up tomorrow when I see him.


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  • hahaa I definitely think he choked on that one and retracted to preserve his ego. I think he really wanted to ask you out but you hesitated and he choked. bring it up again! get on that date!


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  • It obviously wasn't sincere. Just tell him how you feel. Guys like it when girls come clean and stop brushing their feelings under the rug.

    • Do they really? I'm afraid if I do tell him he's stop being by friend although in about 80% sure he likes me. He did have feelings for me at one stage but they stopped :/

    • Yeah i like a girl who actually has feelings haha. But if you want to be more than friends find an easy clean way to tell him. Dont out of the blue say it but tell him. If he doesn't agree then its better to know he doesn't like you like that than lead yourself on. Hope it goes well homie!

  • Yeah, you were silent so he got that immense fear of rejection and backed off. We all guys fear that.

  • You paused and this sent alarms ringing, so he decided to 'reject' you before you 'rejected him'.


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