This girl I like hangs out with another guy. Are they just friends?

I like this girl, but before I could do anything about her it was too late. Another guy got to her first. They hang out quite often (from what I hear), so I was ready to drop this crush I had on her. But...

Whenever I am around her, I'm always getting these positive signals like eye contact, blushing, etc. (One of my friends even mentioned how much she stares at me when I don't notice her).

So now I'm wondering if she is actually interested in me, and if she views the other guy she hangs out with as just a friend?


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  • Girls can be just friends with guys and spend a LOT of time with them. Back when my best guy friend and I were roommates, almost everyone thought we were dating (even though he had a girlfriend) and I always had to tell guys I liked about six times that we were JUST FRIENDS before they were sure. Talk to her- ask her about her weekends and what she does for fun. If she's dating this guy (or anyone else) she'll tell you pretty quickly when answering you. If she doesn't and you're still not sure, ask her about him and see what she says. Or just ask her to hang out, grab a coffee or something and see where it goes. If she has a boyfriend, she'll definitely tell you over coffee (if she doesn't tell you when you ask her)- and you'll know. If she doesn't mention a boyfriend, safe to assume the guy is just a friend (at least for the moment) and you're safe to pursue her.


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  • Ask her about him.