She flirts with me yet just wants to be friends?

So there's this girl I like alot, we have been friends for about 3 months now. At first it was great we where just friends but it quickly grew to be more than that, we had half ass talks about liking each other we would hold hands, it never really went past that. We where also seeing a lot of each other. The first 2 months or so we hung out on our off days, we practically gad the same schedule, we texted constantly, an we saw each other 7 days a week. She flirts with me all the time at work and ill flirt back. We recently took a trip to

Al, an after the trip she sent me a long ass message on fb saying she need a break, we needa focus on ourselves more. So we hardly speak for 2 -3 days after that, everything kinda goes back to normal, I talked to her about it, an she basically told me the opposite of what she sent me in the message. She still flirts with me at work just not as much, an she says all she wants is a,friendship. She says she gets crowded easily, I'm thinking we got to close so she backed out. To protect her feelings an emotions I'm guessing, she's never had a boyfriend. Friends in her past have droped an left her. I can understand her getting scard, but why still flirt with me like you want more, but back out when I get to close? An I know she won't admit she's scard. I just don't know, she's amazing. but she givws me all these mixed signals, she holds my hand, when I go to hold hers she pulls hers away. She makes it so obivious she likes me alot... And now we hardly text any, we hang out maybe twice a week, an both our scheduals changed randomly.. I just don't get it.?

I forgot to add I text her goodnight\ morning, she picks an chooses when she replies. Should I stop txting her this?
Flirting isn't the only way she makes it obvious, and I do have a life outside of her lol. I get what ya are saying, thanks for tha advice! Sometimes in friendships emotions just get attached without trying, but I'm not going to let that happen..
The funny part about all this is I've never really had problems with girls, shs came along and was just amazing. I fell for her, then she just up an changed her feelings I'm guessing an it through me for a loop, kinda like a slap in tha face that stuned me.


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  • i think there's 3 conclusions in my own opinion based on my own experiences...

    1. she is afraid you will hurt her the way she's been hurt in past relationships

    2. she isn't ready for commitment and wants to be with a few people at once and play

    Around.. and is possibly putting you on hold or adding you to her mix..

    3. she doesn't know for sure if she feels so strongly about you anymore or has found

    another guy

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      I know its not another guy, but everything else is pretty posible... How is one to figure out which of these it is?

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      hm well if you become really close with her and she feels you're trust worthy she will most likely tell you about how hard past relationships have been on her..and that would go along with not being ready for a commitment too. get close to her you might have to play the friend part first. and best friends CAN become boyfriends so don't let the friend zone thing scare you.. that's only in some cases but I know tons of girls attracted to their good friends.. just too shy to speak up..

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      Thank you. lol I think I feel better bout all this.