He won't leave me alone now, he still texts me every morning and won't give up. Any advice?

Ok spare me the judgments and criticism, but I have been on and again off again with a man who is MARRIED. yes I know, it is a very weird situation and not right by any means. A lot of factors go into why we haven't parted ways and now I have found out he lied to me. The only reason I continued with him is because he said that his wife was just as unhappy as he was and they were waiting till the kids graduate school. Seems like a legit reason right? Well I ran into her FB page and low and behold, she is as happy as ever with him and I have seen his comments on her page. I feel so sick to my stomach about it. I confronted him about it and he said things on FB are not always how it is in real life. I told him that I can't be involved anymore and I don't trust him... He won't leave me alone now, he still texts me every morning and won't give up. Any advice?


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  • Married men ALWAYS say they will leave their wife, but they never do. He's been playing you, and you fell for it. Oh, he might have had genuine feelings for you and all, but he's been lying about his intentions all along. I've heard this same story a hundred times.

    Unfortunately, when you go after a guy who is unavailable, due to distance, an existing relationship, or whatever, you set yourself up to be hurt (at the very least). You knew this was a bad idea all along, but you kept it going, and now you're the one who is going to end up losing. "The Rules" are for YOUR protection, and when you break them, YOU are the one who pays. Be smarter next time.

    At this point, the ONLY thing to do is cut all ties with this guy and move on with your life. Anything else you do is only going to make it worse for you.

    • Thanks so much! It really helps to have a man's perspective on this and see that not all guys think alike and take each others side... Your words really helped me...I will be smarter next time.. There will be no next time, I know this...I was in love with what I thought he was, not actually him.,but everything makes sense now and I'm moving on...What a slime ball though! ugg!


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  • Stop talking to him. Eliminate all contact.

    • Thanks Phoenix52, You are right also, I am doing my best just short of changing my number to ignore...It may come to that.

  • Lady a small advice, he is taking You for granted and just to get pleasure out of this. Forget him and move forward.


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  • Just be Strong and ignoring him completely, eventually he will give up and stop bothering you, or scar him by saying you will tell his wife, Trust me you don't want to go back with him, knowing he has lied to you about his marriage, what if you end marrying him and he does this to you, I'm sure you don't want that

    • You are right too! I don't want someone who treats his wife that way. He says he cheats on her because she cheated on him, but I now know that is a lie and probably everything he told me is a lie. It hurts, but actually why should I be hurt or sad? I just got away from a liar and a cheat and thank the Lord for that! I feel sorry for his wife the most, she seems to be so happy with him and little does she know, he leads a second life..very sad situation, but I won't be involved in it anymore.